Moving your practice from compliance to advisory

22nd Jul 2020
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Moving your practice from compliance to advisory

Many firms are already turning to automation to free up time to replace the squeeze on traditional fee earning potential with value added services.

They are looking for marginal gains across the whole lifecycle of their service portfolio. Our research has shown that firms focusing on delivering high value advisory services to their clients, can anticipate growth in the region of 10 to 20% annually. But how does one more their practice from a predominately compliance based practice to finding time and pricing advisory services.

With all growth initiatives, the path from concept to implementation is never straight forward. It requires a change in mindset where firms are no longer selling minutes in a day, but an outcome and forecasts based on decisions. It’s important to develop and refine a clear roadmap and business strategy to take to your partners, team and clients .

In our latest instalment of our video series looking at the challenges and opportunities facing accountants today, Product, Strategy & Transformation Director, Gareth Cram details some of the first steps you will need to think about as you look to monetise advisory services in your practice.