MyDocSafe - AML/KYC added to Proposals and new e-sign features

15th Sep 2020
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I am delighted to let you know about major improvements to our platform.  I hope that you will find these relevant to your work and as always, we look forward to your feedback and welcome feature suggestions.

  1. Webforms - We built “Fill a form + sign a form combo”.  "Can you please fill this form and sign it” is a frequent request at a dentist, spa or gym.  Doing it digitally is tricky because form data, once ‘frozen on a pdf’ is hard to manipulate or export.  We cracked that problem by offering the best of both worlds: you can now require a client to digitally fill a form and then sign a pdf version of it.  As a result you get both a data record that can be exported to a csv file and a pdf version of that record that has been digitally signed.  To access the feature go to Portal Groups -> Settings -> Form Templates and turn on “Ask for signature option” in a form of your choice.

MyDocSafe fill and sign a form

  1. Proposals.  You can now add the ID verification step to the Proposal to streamline the entire client onboarding process.  The process can now include quote acceptance, contract signing, form filling, payment setup and ID checks.

MyDocSafe AML in Proposals

  1. Client portals. “Ask for information” feature – allows you to ask a client to fill or fill & sign a specific webform directly from their portal.  We have also redesigned the “Announcements” feature and implemented a new look & feel with adjustable colours and more standardised widgets.  You can control these in your Company Settings -> Colour Schema

MyDocSafe portals

  1. Digital Signature - here we implemented a new wizard that lets you move back a step if you made a mistake.  Also, we fill out your name in the signature field by default to save you and registered clients on typing time.

MyDocSafe esign

Enjoy the above improvements, and as always, we hope to hear from you.

​Best regards,

Daniel Stachowiak

MD, MyDocSafe