MyDocSafe has released a Xero integration for its Quotes & Proposals module

19th Jun 2020
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MyDocSafe Quotes & Proposals module is market ready

You can now make it easy to sign up new clients:

Quick quote/proposal assembly and sending

  • Quickly pick required elements from a drop down menu and send the entire workflow to your client: a quote with a list and prices of required services, engagement letter and T&Cs, payment method, and fact find forms.
  • The client logs into a secure portal and goes through the required steps.  The client can log out and later log back in to complete the process – no data will be lost.

Your prices

  • Maintain your price list and service descriptions
  • Add services or adjust prices ad hoc if required
  • Assign different revenue categories and VAT figures to each product line

Your document templates

  • Upload your own existing templates, we will translate them into our HTML format (one for free)
  • Use our fact-find form library to create your own webforms

Your brand

  • Include your brochure and video
  • Use your own colour schema, button labels and shapes
  • Define your own prompts and tips to hand hold your client through the process
  • Premium extras: Get your own portal URL and a branded mobile app

Automated invoicing with Xero

  • After your client approves the quote, automatically create invoices in Xero
    • One-off invoices are approved instantly and sent out to the client automatically
    • Repeating invoices need your extra click
  • PDF-ed invoices are imported back to the portal for client’s convenience

For a limited time, MyDocSafe is offering a £25 Amazon voucher and no extra fees for Proposals for 60 days to the first 10 users who connect Xero to their MyDocSafe account, configure and send out their first proposal within the next 30 days and fill a short questionnare form.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to participate, or simply login to your MyDocSafe account and start chatting with us.