Nationwide E-Commerce Store goes PaperLess and achieves full invoice processing automation

3rd Nov 2021
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GardenSite LLP is a nationwide e-commerce store whose expansion online and within their stores have led to a sales growth within the business, which over time has increased the number of invoices to process.

In order to cope with the increasing number of invoices and automate the process of inputting invoices onto Sage 50, the company decided to look for a solution that would help them achieve these goals.

“A great solution which saves hours each day in processing invoices”

Flori Bosnigeanu, Accounts Department at GardenSite LLP

Overall, the results achieved have been extremely positive with the e-commerce store estimating around 30% less time spent on processing, archiving and retrieving invoices.

According to Gaby Hall, Team Leader at GardenSite LLP, retrieval of invoices takes seconds instead of minutes or hours since with PaperLess they “ longer need to route through the archives to find an old invoice, we can search at the touch of a button and find quickly what we are looking for.”

Case study of invoice processing automation for Sage with PaperLess Software.

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What type of savings has PaperLess delivered to GardenSite LLP?

By speeding-up invoice processing, PaperLess reduces labour costs avoiding the need to employ additional resources when business activity is at a peak or there are fluctuations in supply and demand.

Paperless can also avoid costly situations that may be a result of human error, minimising risk of payment errors and ensuring better accuracy of accounting data.

“Thank you to all the team at PaperLess for providing an excellent cost-effective solution which is backed up by excellent support.”

David Coton, Partner at GardenSite LLP

Overall, we estimate that the savings with the implementation of PaperLess amount to more than 30%. These savings are originated by automating the process of data entry into Sage and the fact that since with PaperLess invoices are automatically attached to Sage, retrieving invoices only takes a few seconds.

Since the implementation of PaperLess, it is easier to ensure that suppliers are paid on time which, in turn, translate into savings with those suppliers who provide early payment discount. Such savings can then be passed on to the consumer in the price of the goods we sell or to maximise profits.

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