Navigating furlough fees and client relationships

25th May 2021
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Deciding to charge clients for furlough claims was and still is, a big dilemma for many accountants and bureaus. Initially, many assumed that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme would only be available for a short period of time. We’re now well over 12 months into the scheme and if you haven’t already, you’re likely to now be reconsidering your position on whether or not to charge for furlough processing.   

Furlough is set to continue until 30th September in order to “support millions through the next stage of the pandemic”. Getting your clients through the coming months is not going to be plain sailing. With more businesses reopening or partially reopening, employers will be looking to return to normal operations. However, it is likely that many employees will remain on furlough or that there will be a rise of employees on flexible furlough. The scheme’s existing rules are also set to change during the summer months as the government begins to take measures to slowly wind the scheme down. Going forward, you should examine how this will affect your firm’s payroll workload and how you can give clients the best possible advice and support in these challenging times.  

In a guide BrightPay recently published, we highlight what you need to consider if you’re planning on offering furlough as a chargeable service.  

The guide covers:  

  • Dealing with the impact of an ongoing crisis  
  • Processing furlough as a chargeable service   
  • Beyond furlough: How BrightPay can help   
  • Your next steps   

The guide examines the impact of COVID-19 on payroll and how to mitigate some of the losses to remain profitable. It addresses the realities and challenges of deciding to charge for furlough processing, and how to use this time to showcase your firm’s services in order to encourage customer loyalty and customer referrals. Despite such industry challenges, you can leverage your payroll software to improve your services and stand out from the competition.  

Your payroll software can be critical to strategically structuring, organising and building a high-performing payroll processing service. For example, BrightPay Payroll instantly responded to the introduction of CJRS by offering customers the ability to calculate furlough pay. This meant, our customers were able submit claims to HMRC quickly and automatically through the software, on behalf of their clients.  

To read the guide in full and to discover useful and practical advice, click this link 


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