New Automatic Invoice Scanning for Sage… What you need to know?

29th Aug 2019
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The new way of scanning and automatically process invoices in Sage is a result of the work carried out by Sage Developer, PaperLess Europe, who uses the latest methodology Capture>Process>Archive to capture data at the start of the document workflow process so that all your paper documents can be digitised and handled more efficiently online.

Sage Platinum Partners offers Full Invoice Processing Automation for Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online.

With Sage Authorised PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software, once data is captured documents can be sent for approval or directly posted to Sage, with the advantage that Sage users will have the relevant documents directly linked to the corresponding transactions in Sage, so that invoice retrieval can be done via a live lookup directly from within Sage.

How does PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software for Sage work?

PaperLess invoice scanning for Sage digitises your paperwork as early as possible in your business processes saving time and money. Businesses can scan paper directly into PaperLess or drag and drop multiple file types from emails and your computer. The PaperLess edit TIF functions enable businesses to merge, split and re-organise documents electronically so working through a batch of paper documents is quick and easy.

With PaperLess for Sage, can I also automatically process invoices received via email?

Yes, you sure can… you can simply drag & drop the invoices from the email directly into PaperLess and get all relevant data automatically captured and posted to Sage. But there is more, with PaperLess Company Inbox you can fully automate this process by setting automation rules to invoices received via email…

PaperLess Document Management Software Free Online Demo. The choice of CFOs, Accountants and Finance professionals to speed up invoice scanning, invoice processing and invoice approval routines.

How can I retrieve my invoices once they are processed?

Not only document scanning software, PaperLess is also a piece of document storage software. PaperLess stores all your documents, both accounting and business documents, in separate folders in the PaperLess workspace so companies can keep their data secure.

All invoices processed via PaperLess are automatically linked to Sage accounting lines, meaning that retrieval can be done by doing a simple of the document directly from within your Sage workspace. Alternatively, PaperLess users can also use the accounting archive to search and view all their accounting documents.

What about Sage users that are using Purchase Orders in Sage?

Well for those users the automation can be taken even further with PaperLess Invoice Scanning for Sage automatically matching invoice amount against the Purchase Order amount and only posting invoices that match the PO approved amount. When there is a mismatch PaperLess will automatically send the invoice on document flow to the PO Originator, meaning that people working in the finance department do not have to waste any more time dealing with these invoices.  

Is PaperLess Invoice Scanning compatible with my Sage accounting package?

PaperLess for Sage is seamlessly integrated with Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online so if you are using one of this versions of Sage, simply Book Your Free Online Demo to know more about PaperLess Automatic Invoice Scanning Software. 

Why is PaperLess Automatic Invoice Scanning Software Becoming the Top Choice of Sage Users?

Well, simply because only a Sage Authorised software created by Sage Platinum Developer Partner, can give Sage users the certainty that the software they are implementing works together with their Sage accounting package in a seamless manner. When dealing and manage large volumes of accounting what you need is a software that saves you time and work something that can only be achieved by implementing a solution that works together and boosts the potential of the accounting software you currently use.

The software solution developed by PaperLess brings together automatic invoice recognition, automatic data input and automatic matching and closing of purchase orders with electronic document flow and online document exchange and approval to improve the efficiency of your Sage accounting solution.

PaperLess is much more than a simple document management solution offering Sage users a seamless integration with their Sage accounting package. This means that when data is extracted it can be instantly posted to Sage and documents get automatically linked to Sage transaction lines, something that only a Sage Developer like PaperLess Europe can offer.

By bringing together Automatic Invoice Recognition, Online Invoice Approval, Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders and Full Automation of Emailed Invoices, PaperLess Document Management software has become the preferred choice of Sage users.