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New Bokio feature! Export reports to Excel

2nd Mar 2020
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It's now possible to export reports to Excel and PDF from Bokio, the free accounting software. This is a great way to delve even deeper into business finances and customise reports to your needs. The following reports can be exported from Bokio:

  • Profit and loss - Full detail including account balances  
  • Balance sheet - Full detail including individual account balance
  • General ledger - Account breakdown for each account 

Benefits for accountants 

Bokio exports reports in a very simple format so that you can adjust the report to your needs. Here are some ways you can use the Profit and loss, and Balance sheet reports:

  • Add percentages such as profit margin.
  • Add your accounting practices logo to brand the reports. 
  • Use it to help you generate a budget or forecast for the coming months and years.
  • Show side by side with prior years to analyse performance.
  • Hide any information you wish.

It can be really useful to export the General ledger report to Excel when you need to reconcile an account or find a difference.

  • Using the Excel filter function you can easily identify duplicates by filtering by amount. 
  • Adjust the running balance to find at which point the balance stopped reconciling. 
  • Sort the data by date, amount or description. 

Other benefits mean you can add notes to the Excel reports and send them to clients so that they can respond to your queries. It can allow you to send and resolve queries by being clearer with your requests. 

About Bokio

Bokio accounting software offers bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses management. It’s a great solution for collaborating with smaller clients, like small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Bokio helps you save time so you can focus on offering high value advisory services to your clients.