New BrightPay feature allows you to pay employees directly

6th Apr 2021
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Here at BrightPay we are always trying to one-up ourselves, which is a hard task considering how great, sexy and humble we are. We always strive to bring our customers the best possible experience when using our payroll software and our new feature that is coming soon is just *chef’s kiss* and we can’t wait to share it with you.

As a customer of BrightPay, you’ll be able to pay employees directly through BrightPay without having to create BACS files to upload to the relevant bank. Yes, really! This is possible as we have recently integrated with our new payment partner Modulr who are transforming the way companies do business by automating and streamlining their payment processes.

So how will it work? Well it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You simply run your payroll as normal using BrightPay. Once you have your payslips finalised you just need to select “Pay by Modulr” which will then send the payment instructions straight to Modulr, eliminating the need for manual file exporting.

  2. Your clients will then be notified when payments are waiting for approval. The nominated payment person just has to log into the Modulr portal and approve the payments by secure mobile two-factor authentication.

  3. Clients then transfer the necessary funds to the Modulr account in one quick and easy transaction from the primary business account and once the account is funded then voila - the employees can be paid in mere minutes!

Yes it really is that easy! Just imagine all that time you’ll save and how efficient you’ll be by removing clunky manual processes that are open to error. There would be no more need for manual exports or file uploads to banks and this would drastically reduce or even eliminate costly payroll errors that are so easy to make. With this direct payments feature you can ensure you pay the right amount on time, every time, without triple checking the payment file.

Just to add another layer of icing to the cake, you know you're in good hands as both BrightPay and Modulr operate on secure and compliant networks with encrypted communication between both parties. The payments themselves can also be made in real-time, 24/7 giving you the flexibility to schedule payments in advance or make last-minute changes.

Are you thoroughly impressed yet? Good! Mission accomplished. This feature is just another way that we are trying to make your life that little bit easier. But don’t just take my word for it, book a free demo today to go over all of the amazing features we have to offer. You can thank me later.

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Aoibheann Byrne


Written by Aoibheann Byrne
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