New Expensify Widget on 9 Spokes Data Dashboard

Brought to you by Expensify

Expensify has partnered with 9 Spokes and it is now a featured widget in their data dashboard.

Expensify has partnered with 9 Spokes, a smart data dashboard that helps accountants to enhance their advisory relationships with clients by enabling them to view key metrics across the different areas of their clients’ businesses in a single place. The dashboard can be personalised with different apps and widgets, including Expensify, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, and more!

With the new Expensify widget you can now manage your expenses in real time from the dashboard, automating tedious expense reporting tasks and streamlining your accounting processes. Once you’ve signed into your 9 Spokes account and connected to Expensify, you’ll get insights such as:

  • Expense reports to approve: Displays the amount of expense reports awaiting approval in the last quarter.
  • Top 5 oldest expense reports to approve: Prioritizes the top five oldest expense reports to approve and the days since the expense was submitted for approval.
  • Top 5 expense reports categories: Offers insight into your top five highest expense categories and the amount approved per category in the last quarter.

If you don’t have an Expensify account yet, this is the perfect time to start:

We’re offering any new Expensify users two months free when they sign up for Expensify through 9 Spokes by 15 December.