New Guide Lifts the Lid on How to Become a Connected Accountant and Achieve Better and More Profitable Client Relationships

24th May 2019
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Being connected to clients, prospects, colleagues and information is an essential part of today’s always on world

Darlington, May 24th, 2019 – A new guide entitled ‘The Connected Accountant 2019’ is intended to provide practical advice on how to deal with one of the greatest challenges facing the profession; the re-engineering of accountancy practices for the digital age. The guide is essential reading for accountants who want to get-to-grips with the explosion in digital and mobile technology and learn how to harness its power to find new ways of achieving better and more profitable client relationships.


‘The Connected Accountant 2019’ has been produced by MyFirmsApp, the world’s leading developer of bespoke Apps for accountants and bookkeepers and is designed to help accountants who want to integrate digital into their communication strategies and keep up-to-date with the solutions that are available.

“It is a particularly exciting time for accountants as emerging digital channels offer more choice in how to connect with clients,” commented Mike Page, Head of Product Management at MyFirmsApp. “These range from a dedicated digital platform developed specifically for the accountant in practice that enables engagement on smartphones and tablets to the use of social media platforms for regular topical interactions. In the new digital era, these methods can help accountancy firms make their voice heard and less likely to get lost in this always on world.”

Digitisation is driving enormous change and opening the door to new opportunities, with location no longer holding any boundaries. Clients are increasingly demanding more immediacy and expecting their advisor to engage with them at any time. A data connection means that is possible to work alongside clients using cloud accounting applications wherever they happen to be in the world, to hold virtual meetings without either the client or accountant having to leave their office and to use social networking platforms to attract new clients. 

The guide looks at the challenges accountants now face and explains how ‘digital glue’ can help strengthen and control client relationships and help firms to grow by utilising automated marketing tools to generate new leads and create up-selling opportunities. It also covers how firms are improving the client experience with specific examples and looks at how future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots can free up valuable time, allowing accountants to benefit from real productivity gains.

The guide is available as a free download from


OneApp is the leading App platform for Accountancy firms worldwide, that enables accountants to position their brand at the centre of their client’s mobile lives.

MyFirmsApp was the first and original developer of bespoke Apps for Accountancy firms. Over the last six years, the company has grown to become the number one provider globally, having developed over 1200 Apps for accountants and bookkeepers, which are used by over 200,000 businesses daily to manage their finances.


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