New in Senta: Production board, Xero practice-level integration and more

13th Dec 2019
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Welcome to our December update. Scroll down to view our exciting news about events, new features, links to support articles, and more...

The wintery shot below was taken by Stergios at St Nick’s Market in Bristol, the favourite lunch spot for everyone at Senta.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the new releases, ideas on how we can improve or if you just want to email us with some feedback on how you finding Senta so far. Feel free to get in touch with us by emailing  [email protected]

Production board + production dates

We are very happy to introduce the new production board feature to all our clients for beta testing. You can now switch between the job list and production board list easily to see your work spread out week-by-week or month-by-month, and manage your workload by clicking and dragging jobs between columns. New production dates allow you to choose exactly when you need to work on different jobs.

For more information see our guide here.

If you would like us to turn this test feature on for you, contact [email protected].

Xero practice-level integration

The new practice-level Xero integration is now available for beta testing. Some of the features available include client data imports, linking existing Senta clients to Xero clients, and the one you’ve all been waiting for... syncing of client data to and from Xero!

For a guide to the new integration features, click here.

If you would like us to turn this test feature on for you, please contact [email protected].

Emoji + reactions

Express yourself! Emoji and reactions are now available for beta testing. You can add emoji to notes, footers, and emails.

You can also add reactions to jobs, notes, tasks and clients.

To learn more about these new features, click here.

If you would like us to turn this test feature on for you, please contact [email protected].

Choose how far ahead jobs are created

You now have the power to decide how far ahead jobs are created in Senta. Whether you want weekly jobs to show up in Senta a month in advance, or annual jobs to just show up one year in advance, you can now use date offsets to choose when jobs are created. Take a look at our guide to find out how to set this up.

Copy and paste images into Senta

You can now copy and paste screenshots and images into notes and emails within Senta, making it easy to store snippets of information for your clients.

Task list due date filter

The task list can now be filtered by due date, as well as start date, so you can ensure you only see the tasks you need to work on right now.

Things we're working on right now

Widget changes

  • New filtering options and widgets to give you a better overview of everything going on in your practice.

Client portal updates

  • Finalised Q&A section, including notifications for clients

  • Your details section - clients can update their own details via the client portal

Notification improvements

  • Choose which notifications you receive

  • Condensed task notifications

  • Email digest of notifications

Senta user groups

We run a user group webinar every quarter, with the most recent one on December 12th. The next one is planned for Thursday 5th March. If you would like to be part of the next user group, please sign up here.

A video of the demo sections from the December user group will be available to watch shortly. To see the demo section of the September user group, click here.

Facebook group

The Senta community Facebook group is a place where any users or prospective users can ask questions about Senta, get help, exchange ideas and suggest features.

The group is already a supportive community for anyone interested in using Senta. Click here to find out more.

We are always interested to hear your thoughts on Senta - if you have any feedback, please get in touch with us at Senta Support.