New Pandle Feature – Bank Feeds Now Live on Mobile App

Brought to you by Pandle

Over the past few months, the Pandle team have been working to bring a brand new feature to the mobile app - Bank Feeds! We’re delighted to announce that this feature is now live and ready for users to sink their teeth into.

Bank Feeds will allow users to receive push notifications for every time there’s a new banking transaction in Pandle, notifying you that they need to be categorised.

Our users are now able to categorise transactions directly through the app, making Pandle one of a handful of accounting apps that have this feature! You’ll be able to sort out your transactions at a simple tap before you even open your laptop. 

Pandle Bank Feeds App

The benefits of automatic bank feeds

With our Bank Feed feature, users are able to sync their bank account with Pandle to automatically import bank statements. The transactions can then be categorised so that everything is clear and accounts are up to date.

This saves time from manually entering transactions and importing or exporting them into accounting software as Pandle takes care of it all for you. This process cuts down on errors as a result of manually inputting transactions.

An automated Bank Feed through Pandle also allows you to have greater control and visibility of your cash flow so that you can make more informed decisions in your business.

This feature supports all major banks in the UK, so you can be sure that Pandle will work for you. TO double check your bank is supported, you can see the extensive list of supported banks here.

Stripe and Paypal

TO make it easier for our users to access everything on the move we’ve integrated Stripe and Paypal feeds alongside Bank Feeds. These are now live on both Pandle Mobile and the desktop version so managing your accounts on the move is even simpler.

These updates mean you’ll be able to see all your different feeds in one handy place without even needing to leave the app, so you’ll have even more time for the really important stuff – like running your business.

Partner with Pandle

Like the sound of Pandle? Why not partner with us?

You can choose between our standard partnering offer and our white labelling service: Brandle. As a standard partner, you can offer Pandle as part of your accountancy service to your clients. You’ll then be able to access accounts in real time with clients so it’s simple to explain processes and make sense of bookkeeping.

Alternatively, Brandle is our white labelling option which allows you to use the Pandle package under your company’s own branding. This gives your firm the benefits of having your own bookkeeping software but without the expense or hassle of having to develop your own.

We’re always working on new features on Pandle so for more information on what features are new and upcoming you can keep up to date with our new Feature Release Timeline.