New receipt recording app launched by Bokio

23rd Oct 2019
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We’re always developing new things at Bokio. And now, we’ve launched a mobile app! Make uploading receipts on the go as easy as taking a picture with our new receipt recording app.

The new app makes collaboration easy. Whether it’s between business owners, accountants, or team members, you can forget about chasing forgotten receipts or other documents.

How does the app work?

Keeping track of receipts is a hassle, and it’s easy to forget to record transactions when you’re busy running a business. Here’s the three step routine to use the Bokio app to keep up to date:

Upload on the go

You can either take pictures with the app, or upload photos straight from the gallery on your phone. You can upload receipts, documents, or screenshots of material received by email, like invoices. 


The app will upload your images straight to your To do list in Bokio. 

Go to the website

When you get to your computer or access the internet browser on your mobile phone, you, or your accountant, will find your material waiting for you in your Bokio To do list, ready for you to record. You can then easily record receipts in Bokio using Artificial Intelligence to recognise the amount of the receipt, invoice or document and the date.

You can use the app on the go, wherever your business takes you. It’s that simple.

Plus, we’re developing the app, so there will be more new features coming soon!

Bokio app

Benefits for accountants

The Bokio app helps accountants and their clients collaborate. It’s the easy way for clients to stay on top of recording receipts and other documents. 

Encouraging clients to get a good bookkeeping routine makes your job easier. No longer will you have to wait for the month, quarter or year end to receive all receipts, invoices and other materials from your clients.  

With the Bokio app, you can ensure that deadlines are met by receiving all materials well in advance of any deadlines. Accountants will save time by spending less time chasing clients for records, as you can receive them instantly once a client purchases and take pictures of their receipts and other material. This makes recording your clients transactions a much quicker and smoother process.

Simple software to save time

Bokio is a smart accounting solution that has launched in the UK. We make bookkeeping simple, allowing accountants to collaborate with their clients in one easy-to-use software. With automated reporting and smart templates, we save accountants and business owners time on day-to-day tasks so they can focus on more important aspects of running their company, like bringing in more clients.

To download the app and make uploading receipts even easier, visit the App Store or Google Play.