New referral scheme and upcoming features

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Welcome to this update for February 2019 from the Senta support team, and a big hello to all our new clients from around the world.

Things have been very chilly in Bristol, and we even had a day of snow at the beginning of the month! This shot was taken by Laurence from the support team:


Here you’ll get the chance to hear a bit about new features we’ve added, as well as any recent company news.

New features

Our development team has been hard at work implementing updates to Senta. We think you’ll really like:

‘CONTAINS’ function

You can now use the ‘CONTAINS’ function in your placeholders. This function will allow you to insert set text wherever the placeholder is used e.g. emails/text messages, if a specific term is used in a field.


We also now support embedded placeholders within substitutions.


You can learn more from our functions guide here.

If you need any help or advice on using these new features, contact Senta Support and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

Daily repeat cycles

When setting up services, you can now set jobs to repeat on a daily basis. They can either happen every day of the week, or every working day (Monday-Friday). For a video guide on setting up jobs and services from scratch, please click here.


Upcoming features

  • Client portal upgrades - The new portal, created from the ground up, is coming along well
  • Practice inbox - View any incoming practice emails and triage them accordingly
  • Adding ad hoc tasks to jobs in progress - Offers more flexibility in the way your jobs run
  • Enhanced Microsoft Word document production - Create document templates in Word and use them in Senta to make new Word documents

Referral scheme

We are happy to announce that we are finalising the details of our referral scheme. For every practice you introduce, we'll pay you a commission equivalent to their first three months’ fees.

They'll need to be a paying client for three months, and we'd ideally love to you give them some help and guidance along the way, to really make their first few months a success.

If you would like to refer a practice to Senta, please send their details to [email protected], and send them a link to try Senta for free at

Senta user groups

We run a user group webinar every quarter, with the most recent one on February 7th. The next one is planned for early May. If you would like to be part of the next user group, please send an email to[email protected].

 A video of the demo sections of the most recent user group is available to watch here.

Facebook group

The Senta community Facebook group is a place where any users or prospective users can ask questions about Senta, get help, exchange ideas and suggest features.

The group is already be a supportive community for anyone interested in using Senta. Click here to find out more.

We are always interested to hear your thoughts on Senta - if you have any feedback, please get in touch with us at Senta Support.