New time-saving payroll features in FreeAgent

2nd Apr 2020
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With the payroll year-end just around the corner, the FreeAgent team has been working hard to release some new time-saving payroll features for you and your clients.

New time-saving payroll features in FreeAgent

Automatic migration of payroll profiles

In FreeAgent, you now have the option to automatically migrate your clients’ payroll profiles to the new tax year codes with just one click. It's worth noting that since the tax-free allowance hasn’t changed this year, most of your clients’ employees will have the same tax code as before.

Default pay dates

We’ve added a new feature that defaults your clients’ pay dates to those you’ve previously selected, making it even easier for you to run your clients’ payroll. This new feature won’t affect FreeAgent’s bulk payroll feature, so you can still file payroll for all your clients in next to no time.

Updates to rates and calculations

Finally, we’ve updated all our rates and calculations in line with the new payroll requirements and are supporting the new Employment Allowance reporting requirements. Take a look at this article on our Knowledge Base to find out more.

We’re working closely with HMRC to ensure our payroll feature is ready for any changes relating to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.