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16th Jan 2020
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As accountants, improving our technical capabilities and maintaining pace with the changes to accounting and regulatory standards has often been a development focus.

Enhancing our ‘hard’ skills ensures that we can continue to deliver what is required. But what about our ‘soft’ skills - the skills we require to communicate effectively, lead teams, influence others, manage conflict, and understand emotion?

The challenge

Developing our ‘soft’ skills can often prove more complex than technical improvement given the behavioural, habitual and emotional commitment required to make an effective change.

In addition, these changes often require more than a logical assessment of the ‘problem’ at hand. Instead, a wider skill-set is necessary, including the ability to ‘read’ others, show empathy, demonstrate flexibility, and understand how we are feeling in a given situation.

One of the main challenges when finding the right ‘soft’ skills course is the relevance of the course material and experience of the facilitator within the field of accounting and finance.

Often, such courses can be delivered to any professional regardless of their background or expertise. This can result in training that is usually full of good principles, but lacks specifics in how the content can be applied to the daily challenges faced by an accountant.

Our approach

At Soft-Skills, we specialise in researching, creating and delivering courses that are tailored to professionals working in accountancy. Furthermore, our training facilitators are not only experts in behavioural development and communication, they are also qualified finance professionals.

This means that our courses are delivered by individuals that understand the pressures of working in an accounting or finance team, ensuring that the content and delivery style is relevant to you and your team.

You can find out more about our courses here, all of which are delivered to members of your team at a convenient location. Our prices start from just £29 per team member.

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