No going Bacs: Pay employees in under 2 minutes

9th Jun 2021
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For your clients, their main priority when it comes to payroll is to ensure each employee gets the correct amount in their pay packet, on time, every time. Happy employees mean happy clients and receiving a payslip with all the correct calculations, additions and deductions means nothing to employees if they do not receive the payment into their bank account on time.  

With Bacs files, its three-day turnarounds, and planning around long weekends to avoid missing payment commitments can sometimes feel like you have only just gotten employees’ payments in by the skin of your teeth. This is especially true if you are processing the payroll for a large number of clients. Luckily, BrightPay can now offer you a better, less stressful, solution. 

BrightPay payroll software has partnered with Payments as a Service API platform, Modulr to offer a faster, easier, and more reliable way for bureaus and accountants to pay employees. There is no longer any need to create and download bank files to be uploaded to your online banking. This manual and often arduous process is replaced by a few simple steps within BrightPay and Modulr, not only saving you time but decreasing the risk of errors being made.  

Four simple steps to pay employees directly through BrightPay  

  1. Once you have finalised your clients' payslips, simply click on the “pay” button and choose Modulr. On a pop-up screen, you can either choose to set up your Modulr account or if you’ve already done so, click continue.  
  2. For security purposes, you will receive a push notification on your mobile and be asked to authenticate your login using the Authy mobile app
  3. Once authenticated, you will be shown a summary of the employees’ details and amounts to be paid to each employee. From here, you can choose the account from which the payments will be made and the date you would like employees to be paid; this can be immediate or in the future.  
  4. On the final screen, you will be shown a summary of the amounts to be paid and you click a button to send to Modulr.  

The payments can then either be approved by you or your client within Modulr 

Part two of using the BrightPay and Modulr integration to pay employees is to then approve the payments in Modulr. Your client may want to do this final part themselves in order to have more control over payments. If that’s the case, they will be notified that those payments are pending approval and can log into their account on the Modulr portal. They can, however, delegate this responsibility to you and have you take care of the whole payroll process from start to finish. 

Four simple steps to paying employeesOnce logged in to Modulr, after authenticating your login with the Authy app, you will be able to see the payment status and activity across all of your clients in a single view, including the payments which are awaiting approval. After one final authentication using the Authy mobile app and one final click, the payment is approved and the employees will be paid either within 90 seconds or on the date specified by you. 

This latest API Integration with the digital payments platform Modulr allows you to simplify the payments process, saving your practice hours of work. It is an opportunity to offer a more efficient and streamlined payroll service to your client that can open up a new revenue stream for your business. Plus, the cost of using Modulr to pay your client's employees compared to alternative payment platforms allows your business to make substantial savings each year.

Learn more here or join our free webinar where we will discuss this new integration and the benefits it can have for your business. 


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