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22nd May 2020
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Nomisma - The ultimate cloud accounting suite

Our development team's main focus is currently on improving in-app user experience to our existing suite of modules. Bookkeeping, payroll, year-end accounts and self-assessments, all in one interconnected cloud-based solution. 

All the while, our support team are building in-app user guides, walkthroughs and onboarding checklists, to further enhance user-friendliness and adoption. 

Just imagine an interconnected cloud accounting suite where you never have to enter the same data twice or ever leave the platform to perform your tasks. This is our mission, and we’ve now successfully established ourselves in the market by serving hundreds of accountants and thousands of small businesses. 

Throughout the suite, we've taken a step back and put user experience at the heart. As a result, we're building simple features like; being able to lock/unlock accounting periods directly from the final accounts module. As well as being able to add or update filing credentials from within individual modules as supposed to navigating to 'Agent Settings'. 

Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll 

We've revamped our existing VAT reports which will significantly improve an accountant's VAT review process.  

With CIS, we're working on a robust two-way connection between the bookkeeping and the CIS module, meaning subcontractor details and invoices will always be in sync.  

Pension auto-enrolment can often be a headache. Which is why we're exploring ways to improve our direct filing integration. Very soon, the pension contribution calculation will be completely automated. Meaning all that's left to do is review, and file. 

Document Management 

We already have a method for this in our existing platform. However, we've revisited, revamped and come up with a solution that we’re so excited to share: 

  • A simple and easy to gain client approval of any document 
  • Secure document sharing, simply upload and trigger an email requesting your client to log in to view and approve 
  • Tagging system to group each of your uploaded documents into different categories 

Final Accounts and Corporation Tax 

  • A newly designed dashboard which will provide important details like key figures, deadline dates, internal notes and company settings 
  • An edit and live mode within our on-screen final accounts preview page, enabling you to edit the contents immediately without having to navigate elsewhere. In addition to this, each and every figure will be drillable, revealing the bookkeeping entries behind it which can be adjusted - extremely useful when checking comparatives.

Customer Review

Helpful guides and videos 

We recently implemented WalkMe, a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), to enable Nomisma's users to have a simplified online experience. This will provide our users with onboarding and training tools, as well as walkthrough guides giving them the freedom to use Nomisma without roadblocks which are quite common when you first start using new software. WalkMe will also help us keep our users informed of software updates and important accounting news. 

In addition to WalkMe, our support services are available Monday to Friday, 9-5:30pm via telephone, livechat and email. 

Nomisma's compliance tools are available at just £5+VAT per client per month. For more information, please contact us using [email protected] or 020 3021 2326, option 1.