Nomisma recognised by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

25th Jun 2021
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We are delighted that the ICB has formally accredited Nomisma.

We’ve always had several members using the software, but having now been through the rigorous approval process, members have further assurance. They can now read an extensive and detailed review from one of their peers before enquiring.

Armed with that reassurance, a full demonstration and 14-day trial are available before coming on board. At the time of writing, ICB members can also still benefit from our ‘thousand licence giveaway’, so be sure to ask for more information.

Bookkeeping professionals starting up on their own, or building a more established firm, tend to find Nomisma perfectly suited to their needs, being uniquely designed for practice and affordably priced in this cost-sensitive field of work.

With so many practitioners also widening their offering to encompass final accounts and tax, the level of automation of that work post bookkeeping is a real boon for Nomisma users. No system is more straightforward due to our ‘Single Ledger Engine’ between bookkeeping and accounts. After bookkeeping, 70% of simple final accounts are entirely automated and ready to file, including statutory notes and tax add-backs!

A new bookkeeping mobile app with AI receipt scanning is also being released at no additional cost to give all the modern tools you would expect. And did we mention automated payroll as well?

Add our CRM package with end-to-end client onboarding, and you have everything for the practice set for ambitious growth. On top of that, we will also offer advice and guidance on processes for setting up and growing your firm. Combined with our unlimited phone support, you have all the hands-on help, with practice experience, you need to succeed. We’re an extension of your team!