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Nomisma: "Why I chose Nomisma and how it's helping manage my practice"

28th Feb 2021
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Val headshot of Quillpoint Accountancy

Val Hargreaves of Quillpoint Accountancy Services, shares her experience on Nomisma’s powerful cloud accounting software. Val shares details of how the software has helped her practice and her clients. She also shares with us how easy it has been to migrate over to Nomisma and use Nomisma during the Covid-19 lockdown period to benefit a multitude of issues faced with other software/duties.  

Nomisma – only workable CRM system! 

Val was looking for a program that would provide her with resources that she could use to help her clients. Val was mainly looking at a system that could create contracts for her clients and provide the ability to use the value-added pricing strategy. Val said:

Nomisma was one system that I found to have a workable CRM system. It gave me the capability to use value-based pricing over hourly pricing and that is the way forward…

A good software always has the best customer support team 

Nomisma believes and works towards providing the best customer service in the industry. Our customers and trialists can always just pick up their phone and call us, customers have direct contact with the Nomisma support team immediately. There is no queueing system, no chat bots and you can always speak to a human when you need help. 

If I come across a problem that I haven’t had before; I phone you and I get a response. I get help at the end of the phone.

Flexible Cloud Accounting Suite 

The coronavirus lockdown had made it very difficult for desktop accounting software users. They would have had to move their computers or set up the software and migrate all the data to the system they’d be working on from their homes. It would have been a lot of work to get it all set up, especially when there are cloud-based alternatives. Given that Nomisma is a cloud accounting software, our users just need any computer, phone or iPad to login to Nomisma and manage their practices online. 

I can work at home or in the office without having to carry my computer home with me all the time and that’s made a huge difference to me.. Having a cloud-based system like that has made a huge difference, especially through lockdown. Payroll is so simple… one other thing I like about Nomisma is that you can’t break it. There nothing you can do on Nomisma that can’t be undone or corrected. You can find out if anything is wrong and go in and correct it easily.

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If you are interested in moving your practice to an online cloud accounting suite, contact Nomisma today on 020 3021 2326 #1 or send us an email at [email protected]

If you need an accountant, please contact Val Hargreaves from Quillpoint Accountancy Services on 01443 742890 or you can email her on [email protected]