Northern lockdown: are you ready for more uncertainty?

31st Jul 2020
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Parts of the north of England were placed under partial lockdown, with certain rules reimposed late last night (30 July).

The move caused shock for many of the millions affected in Greater Manchester, east Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire.

There is growing concern about a second spike of coronavirus infections – a fear cemented by today’s Office for National Statistics report, which found rising numbers of people testing positive in England.

Second wave fears

And England's chief medical officer Chris Whitty says the easing of lockdown restrictions has "probably reached near the limit of what we can do", to restrict the virus spreading too rapidly.

The Prime Minister has indicated there will be no further national lockdown to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Yet, with widespread fears of a second wave this winter or even sooner, uncertainty continues.

And, even if the whole country isn’t plunged into another stay-at-home scenario, local lockdowns are now already becoming part of the next normal. Leicester has already been through it.

The next normal

The continued weekly shift in the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 measures, reaffirms things are not going back to how they were pre-pandemic – or at least not any time soon.

Businesses will have to plan sensibly to be able to respond quickly to such changes and operate in a more flexible way. Part of that likely means continuing to enable staff to work from home where possible.

Are you ready for a local lockdown?

Have you considered what your firm would do if your local area was locked down?

Did you have to take a sticky plaster approach during the initial phase of the pandemic to cope short term?

Organisations are realising they need to have a longer term solution, for the reasons above, and more.

Have you got a plan?

The businesses that have thrived the most during the pandemic were already set up for remote working. Typically, they had a desktop in the cloud solution in place – otherwise known as hosting. As well as ensuring team productivity, and that client deadlines continue to be met, the right service can protect precious client data targeted by cybercriminals.

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