On The 5th Day Of Christmas Rudi Gave To Me...

Brought to you by Rudi Jansen

On the 5th day of Christmas Rudi gave to me...

An infographic with 61 additional services that accountants could offer to their clients to serve their entire financial welfare.

We’re always being told there are additional services our clients are crying out for, but what exactly are these services?

Well I sat down with some members of my BlackBelt Coaching & Mastermind Programme to figure out every possible service you could offer, and we created a simple infographic with them all on.

I’m not suggesting you offer all 61 – but pick a few and see what happens.

To get your copy (along with all of the other gifts so far including best-selling books and client retention cheatsheets) just click right here and let the reindeer know where to drop them off!

And don’t forget, keep an eye out for tomorrow's gift on the 6th day of Christmas where I’ll be sharing with you a cheatsheet that me and my clients use to systemise our referrals process so that we truly maximise the number of warm referrals from our clients.