On The 7th Day Of Christmas Rudi Gave To Me...

Brought to you by Rudi Jansen

Oops! I nearly forgot to post this one.

Anyway, on the 7th day of Christmas Rudi gave to me...

A simple but incredibly powerful tactical marketing plan template.

Often when I’m speaking to practice owners about their marketing – I can sum up their strategy as this...

"We throw money at the wall and hope it sticks".

They don’t really know what’s working, and what’s not working, because they're not tracking it properly – so they have no idea what to carry on doing, and what is becoming an expensive waste.

So today your gift is a tactical marketing plan.

It allows you to easily track all of your marketing activities so you can focus more on what’s working and less on whats not. And by doing this – you can literally multiply the results you get.

To get your free template (along with the 6 other gifts I've given away so far including best-selling books, client retention cheatsheets, and client acquisition guides) just click here and let the reindeer know where to drop it off.

Now, I'm off to check the naughty list!