‘Onkho Provides a ‘Systematic and Reliable Way of Monitoring Company Deadlines,’  Ewart Roots, St Austell Accountants 

Brought to you by Onkho

St Austell Accountants specialises in helping businesses become successful. Even when it is not a tax or accounting matter, the firm is always on hand to offer advice on any aspect of running a business and tries to ease a way through the red tape jungle. 

Under the auspices of Ewart Roots FCA, St Austell Accountants has recently taken on Onkho Cloud Practice Management to help achieve 3 must-haves. 

1.Deadline Management 

2.Automatic filing – documenting, recording and storing of communication traffic in each client’s record

3.Storage both locally and in the Cloud 

Although the firm has only been using Onkho for a matter of months Ewart Roots says: “Monitoring company deadlines is a basic task, which we have to get right before building other client services. Now, we have a systematic, reliable way of achieving this and it is much better than spreadsheets.”

“In terms of our three must-haves Onkho is now doing 1 and will soon do 2, and we’ll keep working on 3. We are using Onkho increasingly and it’s a gradual step-change. To give an example I am training myself to create a Note every time the phone rings.”

The third stage relates to the storage of documents in the Cloud and as Onkho is client focused, all documents are organised by client. It is easy to find the document portal for each client by going to the client's page and clicking on the "Documents" tab. 

All documents are stored safely and securely in the Cloud and cannot be accessed by anyone other than another team member. 

Ewart is looking forward to increasingly using the document portal as he anticipates some real benefits. He commented: “The main advantage will be the automatic filing of communication traffic and this will be invaluable. Also, we want to improve how we document the client approval of accounts and returns – some clients think a phone call is all the authorisation we need.  E-signing  will help regularise this.”

Onkho Workflow provides a ‘systematic and reliable way of monitoring company deadlines’, according to St Austell Accountants and it is available free to all UK accountants. Why not try it for the 2018/19 Self-Assessment tax season?


Onkho picks up where others leave off and addresses the challenges faced by today’s busy practices.  It is the brain child of Susan Rahman, who has her own thriving firm in South West London and her business partner, Emanur, who was an accountant at the BBC and a CTO at the London Stock Exchange, to develop the missing technology piece in the practice jigsaw. Since starting to use Onkho, Susan's client retention has increased from 85% to 99%.