Online accounting software brings substantial time savings

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Arithmo carried out a small survey to see whether accountancy practices can make cost savings by switching clients from traditional bookkeeping systems to new online Client Bookkeeping Solution.

Of the accountants asked, most found that using online software increased efficiency when processing clients' accounts. In many cases, this lead to substantial time savings resulting in cost benefits in the practice itself.

There were a number of reasons for this, most of which were specifically as a result of the software being online. Having the client's bookkeeping records immediately available was regularly quoted, with the accounts being instantly available for review.

Time savings were also achieved as the accountant can review and make necessary corrections to the information from the practice office, meaning less client visits.

A number of web based accounting software systems are now available. It is widely considered that Software as a Service (SaaS) or, as it is increasingly known, Cloud computing, is the next step. The software is accessed via the internet from any computer, in the same way as a standard web page, making it very flexible.

This new way of working should become more commonplace in the near future, and embracing it could bring tangible benefits to accountancy practices.

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About Arithmo
Arithmo is an online bookkeeping program designed with the small business in mind. Its easy to use interface allows users to be up and running within minutes without training. At the same time, it is a sophisticated double entry system with all the features normally associated with higher end software.

Arithmo can help your practice with its branding capabilities, letting you give your clients a unique, invaluable tool in your own logos and colours. You also benefit from a fully-featured Accountant's interface allowing you to make sure your clients books are kept in the way you prefer.

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