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18th Oct 2019
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Two brand new features have been added to BrightPay Connect recently, which have been designed with bureau users in mind. These new features allow users to securely send payroll entry requests and payroll approval requests to clients, changing the way payroll bureaus interact and communicate with clients.

Most importantly the client collaboration features will save hours of valuable time that accountants and bureaus spend rectifying inevitable mistakes in each payroll. Sounds great, right? That’s because it is! These two new features are called Client Payroll Entry and Payroll Approval.

Payroll Entry Requests

The Payroll Entry Request allows clients to securely upload their employee’s hours, saving bureaus hours of administrative time and negating data duplication. Clients can easily enter employee hours on their BrightPay Connect employer dashboard. Additions and deductions that have been set up by the bureau in the payroll software can also be selected by the employer. Only additions and deductions that are already set up in the payroll software can be selected for an employee. 

Clients also have the ability to add new starters through the payroll entry feature. The client can enter new employee or starter details on the Payroll Entry Request, including name, address, date of birth, NI number, email address, phone number, Tax Code, NI table letter, start date, starter declaration and if a student loan deduction plan is applicable. Once the Payroll Entry Request has been submitted by the employer and checked by the bureau, the new employee's details will be automatically downloaded and added to BrightPay payroll software on the bureau’s desktop.

Payroll Approval Requests

The Payroll Approval Request allows bureau users to securely send their clients a payroll summary before the payroll is finalised. Clients can then review and authorise the payroll details for the pay period through their online employer dashboard. Ultimately, your client will be accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% correct before the payroll is finalised. Additionally, there is an audit trail of the requests being approved by the client.

Paul Byrne, MD of BrightPay had this to say:

“It has been great to see BrightPay Connect evolve into something that accountants and their clients will get such great benefit from. In my previous life, as an accountant in practice, I was familiar with just how difficult it could prove to get clear and timely instructions and sign off from clients in relation to their payroll. Connect would have really helped me back then!”

Benefits for bureaus

The payroll entry and approval feature integrates directly with BrightPay Payroll, meaning the transfer of data is automatic and immediate. This process allows payroll clients to electronically view and check the payroll summary before the payroll is actually finalised. As the payroll data checks and approval are conducted by the payroll client themselves, this will result in increased accuracy and a reduced need to make edits after the payroll has been finalised.

Essentially, the client payroll entry and payroll approval features are built to seamlessly work together. However, both features can also be used as standalone functions, i.e. the bureau may only wish to use the payroll entry feature enabling their clients to upload timesheets and employee hours.

Data protection?

And how about those 4 letters we all love to hear? Yes, that’s right GDPR! How do these new features stand up to GDPR regulations? Well, these features actually offer an additional layer of GDPR protection for your clients’ payroll information like:

  • Confidential employee information will be exchanged between you and your client through a secure online portal, reducing the need for emails containing sensitive personal information.
  • It eliminates the need for bureaus to manually re-enter the employee data into the payroll software, reducing possible errors of manual data entry.
  • Payroll bureaus will have full control over the data, while their clients will have full ownership of the data verification and approval before finalising.
  • Access to BrightPay Connect is protected by username and password with role and permission based access for each user.

About BrightPay

BrightPay works the way you want. It's an incredibly flexible software, that lets you do what you need to do to run your payroll, no matter what type of payroll service you offer.  There are no unnecessary limitations or pointless restrictions on what you can do. BrightPay has proven to be a breath of fresh air for many customers who have switched from competing products and was even voted Payroll Software Product of the Year in 2018 which was decided by a public vote held by AccountingWEB.

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay that provides a secure, automated and user-friendly way to backup and restore your payroll data to and from the cloud. The cloud add-on also provides a self-service dashboard for employees and employers to log in and access their payroll data; as well as enabling employees to directly request things like annual leave and updates to their personal details, which are then synced automatically to the cloud.

Book a demo today to find out more about BrightPay Connect and the new client payroll entry and payroll approval features. 


Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software