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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Online Invoice Approval Software for Sage is here… Learn more!

11th May 2022
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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Sage users can now streamline invoice authorisation with PaperLess Online Invoice Approval Software. A Sage Add-On Approval Software that streamlines invoice approval workflow and enables Sage users to gain control over invoice authorisation processes.

In order to take a look at how PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage works, just take a look at the video below or click here to book your free demo.

Invoice Approval Software for Sage 50 and Sage 200

Book your free online demo to learn more about the best invoice approval software for Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online.

  • Authorise Invoices with Sage
  • Set-up maximum invoice approval thresholds
  • Automate Invoice Approval Processes
  • Complete overview of the entire approval workflow at the click of a button

PaperLess, a Sage Add-on Invoice Approval Software

As a Sage Add-On Invoice Approval System, with PaperLess Accounts Teams can send invoices for approval with ease, while keeping full control over the document approval workflow.

There are literally thousands of Sage users using PaperLess Invoice Approval Software on a daily basis to streamline invoice approval processes. Once Sage users try PaperLess Software to approve invoices they do not want to go back to the old way of approving invoices.  

It is very easy to understand the reason why Sage users do not want to go back to the old way of approving invoices. An approval process based on paper invoices or emails sent across the office for approval is a time-consuming process with high chances of invoices getting lost during the approval process.

It is also important to mention that with the old way of approving invoices it would be almost impossible to track invoices during the approval process. Something that with the new online invoice approval system for Sage is a thing of the past, with Accounts Teams having a real-time overview of the status of each invoice sent for approval.

Online Invoice Approval for Sage, the best way to automate invoice authorisation processes

When you have an approval process based on paper or emails, it is almost impossible to put in place rules that would allow you to automate invoice approval processes. However, when you start using the invoice approval for Sage developed by PaperLess Software, you can easily automate approval processes based on supplier, project, departments, cost centre and/or email criteria.

Yes, implementing an invoice approval software not only makes it easier and faster to approve invoices but also saves Accounts Teams valuable time since once approval rules are set in place, invoices can be automatically routed for approval.

Accounts Teams can even choose to have invoices automatically posted to Sage once they are approved by the relevant people. This again saves Accounts Teams valuable time because they only need to focus their attention on those invoices that for some reason were not approved or where changes were requested.

Approving invoices with Sage is now possible with PaperLess Invoice Approval. The best invoice approval software for Sage 50cloud, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online.

  • Automate Invoice Authorisation Processes with Sage
  • Set-up Invoice Approval Thresholds
  • Set-up second level approvals
  • Set-up Invoice Workflow Automation Rules

Another important advantage of implementing a digital invoice approval process is how easy it is to retrieve the approval history. With PaperLess, the entire approval history is automatically linked to Sage so that when Accounts Teams need to confirm who approved a certain invoice, they can do that directly from within Sage.

Besides automating and gaining control over invoice authorisation processes, many Sage users also need to keep control over approval amounts and approval thresholds. Something that can be easily set-up in PaperLess so that Sage users can define maximum amounts users can approve as well as second level approvals.

When using a paper-based invoice approval system, setting up maximum approval amounts of second level approvals rellies totally on the person sending those invoices for approval. This is prone to errors and increases complexity in the approval process.

When using a digital invoice approval system, Sage users can easily set-up approval rules to ensure that whenever a user approves an invoice over a certain amount a second approver is automatically added to the approval workflow. This is done in a fully automated manner so that Accounts Teams can focus their attention on those tasks that cannot be automated, while resting assured that PaperLess Invoice Approval will manage the entire invoice authorisation process.

Is the automation of invoice approval processes the most important requirement Sage users have to automate accounts payable processes?

Automating invoice approval processes is a very important step on speeding-up and automating accounts payable processes but it is definitely not the only one.

Besides automating invoice authorisation, Accounts Teams wanting to automate accounts payable processes also need to find ways to automate invoice data capture, invoice filling and reduce the amount of time spent on searching for archived invoices.

The reason why so many Sage users choose PaperLess to automate Account Payable processes is precisely because besides offering invoice approval for Sage, PaperLess is a full document management software that integrates seamlessly with Sage.

With PaperLess, Sage users get access to both the best invoice approval system and the best invoice data capture for Sage.

PaperLess has a built-in OCR Software for Sage which automatically extracts invoice data. This way, Accounts Teams using Sage can automate invoice capture processes and reduce the time they spend on manually keying in data into Sage.

Automating invoice approval and invoice data capture are key factors for any company looking at automate accounts payable processes and invoice processing routines. However, there are other processes within the AP function which companies can further automate with PaperLess for Sage.

Besides automating invoice approval and invoice data capture processes, with PaperLess Sage users can also automate invoice archiving processes.

Yes, PaperLess Document Management also gives Sage users access to a digital invoice archive software for Sage. Due to the full compatibility between PaperLess and Sage, Accounts Teams using PaperLess can have all invoices automatically attached to Sage.

PaperLess fully automates the process of attaching invoices to Sage so that Accounts Teams do not have to be manually uploading invoices and transactions to Sage.

PaperLess Document Management for Sage is the best way to automate invoice data capture with Sage. Automatically attach and upload transactions to Sage with PaperLess Document Management Software.

  • Automatically Upload Transactions to Sage
  • Automatically Attach Invoices to Sage
  • Lookup Invoices directly from within Sage
  • No more time spent on filing invoices
  • No more time spent on retrieving invoices

By automatically attaching invoices to Sage, Accounts Teams no longer have to spend time on manually archiving invoices. At the same time, retrieving invoices also becomes a much faster process, all Sage user need to do is to retrieve the invoices directly from within Sage.

This means that with PaperLess Sage users can automate the entire accounts payable cycle, from automating invoice data capture processes and speeding-up invoice approval routines to automatically archiving and uploading invoices to Sage.

What other AP Automation technology is available for Sage users wanting to automate invoice processing?

On this article we have already covered the main areas where Sage users can automate invoice processing routines. From automatic invoice data capture with PaperLess OCR for Sage, to Online Invoice Approval and Automatically Attach of Invoices to Sage, PaperLess Document Management covers the entire invoice processing lifecycle.

However, the reason why PaperLess for Sage is the top choice of Sage users to automate Accounts Payable processes is because this Sage Add-on Invoice Processing Software always goes one step further. With PaperLess, Sage users can fully automate accounts payable processes and invoice processing routines by implementing PaperLess Company Inbox for Sage.

PaperLess Company Inbox delivers full automation for Sage like no other software. With this powerful AP Automation feature of PaperLess, companies can have all invoices received via email automatically processed and posted to Sage in a fully automated manner.

Yes, automatically posting of invoices to Sage is now possible. PaperLess Company Inbox receives the emails, captures the invoice data and if there is a purchase order number it automatically checks if the invoice amount matches the purchase order amount in Sage. If it matches, then PaperLess closes of the purchase orders, posts the transactions and attaches the invoices to Sage.

This means that Sage users using Purchase Orders in Sage can have all invoices received via email automatically processed and posted to Sage. Since PaperLess will only post invoices that match the purchase order, Sage users have the necessary safeguards in place to ensure that only invoices that match the purchase order are automatically posted to Sage.

Yes, this is full invoice processing automation for Sage and is brought to you by the best document management system fully compatible with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online.

If you are still wondering what time savings can this Sage Addon Approved Software bring to your business, then think that if 75% of your invoices match the purchase order in Sage, PaperLess can automatically process 75% of all invoices you receive on email. This leaves only 25% of the remaining invoices for your Accounts Team to look into.

What type of companies choose PaperLess Document Management for Sage?

PaperLess Document Management is used by thousands of Sage users on a daily basis. Regardless of the industry sector and type of business any company processing large volume of invoices is looking at implementing a solution like PaperLess Document Management Software.

The increasing demand for PaperLess Software can be easily explained by the fact that with the increasing costs of labour, any company wanting to succeed in the competitive environment where they operate needs to ensure that their valuable human resources are allocated to tasks that cannot be automated.

Companies can no longer afford to entire teams allocated to just keying in invoice data into Sage. This is not only highly inefficient and expensive but people themselves do not want to be performing repetitive tasks that do not challenge them intellectually and would rapidly start looking for a new position.

So, in order to keep costs under control and ensure that your team is happy with the environment they work in and the work they carry out, it is vital that companies automate the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks. In the case of Accounts Departments, these tasks are usually the ones related to inputting accounting data into Sage, archiving invoices and/or having the keep control over invoice approval processes.

PaperLess Document Management is therefore suitable for any company that needs to streamline invoice processing and invoice approval routines. From installations with just one user to companies with hundreds of users, PaperLess for Sage is used on a daily basis by companies of all sizes and from all business sectors.

PaperLess invoice approval is the best software to authorise invoices with Sage. Subscribe now to this demonstration to learn how to authorise invoice with Sage.

What are Sage users saying about PaperLess Invoice Approval Software for Sage?

“The seamless links to Sage 50 was what impressed me the most about the software.”

Edward Walsh, A1 Services Manchester

 “… as the company further expanded the way that things were done was not sustainable… we could not keep increasing the headcount indefinitely so PaperLess Invoice Processing automation levels were definitely the right choice for us.”

Gerard Murray, David Wood Baking Accounts Department

“PaperLess is a great system to use as it is a lot faster than approving the pile of paper”

Nicholas Reyes-Ramirez, Everyman Media Group’s Finance Assistant

“The approvers in our business enjoy the ease of use of the system as well as having instant online access to all invoices relevant to them. The approval process for approvers is simply a click of a mouse!”

Alan Lynch, Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel Financial Controller

“I personally think it’s great. It allows me to enter invoices without the requirement to manually input all of the data and then refer to archived documents with ease”

UKFast Finance Director, Joseph Ryland

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