Online payslips offering enhanced GDPR security

11th Sep 2019
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The new BrightPay Connect smartphone app allows employees to access their payslips online and request leave, making payroll and leave management easier for employees, employers and accountants.

Manually approving requests, keeping track of the employees’ annual leave and inputting new data into the payroll software takes a lot of time and can be a frustrating administrative burden for both payroll and HR staff.

To make the process easier for all parts involved, the BrightPay Connect app provides a self-service platform that employees can access anytime, anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet. Employees can log in to their online portal either.

The best part is that it integrates with BrightPay Payroll, making collaboration easier and effectively reducing your workload. And, as we know that security is of the utmost importance for your payroll bureau, you can also rest assured the app is safe and secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Requesting and approving leave

Using BrightPay Connect’ self-service portal, employees can request leave from anywhere, anytime simplifying the annual leave process. They can also see their remaining annual leave and access a personal calendar containing any upcoming booked leave or previous leave taken.

Once an employee has requested leave, the employer will receive a notification allowing them to either approve or deny that request instantly. Employers can also view a complete company-wide leave calendar showing all employees leave dates.

Instant access to payslips

Once the payroll is finished, employees will get a notification letting them know that they can access the app to view or download their new payslip.

Employees can also see their previous payslips on the app so that they don’t need to make any requests to see historic payslips when applying for a mortgage or loan.

Up-to-date employee data

Two of the GDPR requirements for employers are to ensure that the personal data they hold on their employees are up-to-date and to provide employees access to their personal information.

Employees can access their personal information through the BrightPay Connect app, including their National Insurance number, postal address, phone number and emergency contact details and edit it if it changes or they spot any mistakes.

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