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Only a few days to go!

26th Jan 2018
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It's less than a week until every accountant's favorite day of the year - 1st February!

While we can't stop clients supplying data at the last possible moment, Gbooks' mission in life is to reduce the time you need to spend on each tax return. This enables you to earn more fee income from the same resources, or to kick back and relax a little as the deadline approaches.

Here are just some of the innovations Gbooks has introduced to its Personal Tax module this year to make the compliance process as quick and easy as possible:

  • API feeds to access HMRC's PAYE data
  • A one-click process to import the HMRC figures into the tax return
  • A five second process to add the completed tax return to the client's TaxLocker
  • You can then send a Taxlocker link to the client using our integrated email system
  • Be notified instantly when the client follows the link and approves the tax return
  • Depending on your preference, our system can auto-file the tax return once approved by the client. You're notified of the result within minutes.

These innovations help cut the time it takes to prepare a tax return, get it to your client for approval and submit the approved return to HMRC.

Gbooks makes tax returns easy. Find out how Gbooks can help your firm with a free 30-day trial.