Our commitment to practice: we won’t sell final accounts and tax software to your clients

8th Oct 2021
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Recently there’s been speculation in the profession on whether MTD could spell the end for accountancy and bookkeeping firms. We don’t think so.

Concerns have also been aired that software suppliers would ‘cut practices out of the loop’ by supplying final accounts and tax filing software direct to small businesses. It’s a reasonable question. We just wanted to come out and make a public statement. We won’t.

At Nomisma, we’ve been consistent in our message that ours is a suite designed for practice. In fact, the only true end-to-end cloud one.

As a first principle, we believe SMEs benefit from the professional input of a skilled bookkeeper and/or accountant. We always have supplied our bookkeeping and payroll packages direct to small businesses and we do want to support them. But what we offer them is the service of hooking up with a skilled advisor familiar with Nomisma to support their business remotely on a live basis.

Our back-office compliance software, however, is intrinsically built for professional use and not for business owners. That’s where it started and that’s our whole purpose.

We are in it with accountants and bookkeepers in practice for the long haul.