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Our new Task List (and how you made it even better)

25th Jul 2022
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Our Task List has had a serious face-lift, giving you more information in a simpler design. But this new release is more than cosmetic. Now apply multiple filters to create – and save – your ideal Task Lists.

Picture all the tasks, across your practice, for every client and every member of staff… it’s akin to counting grains of sand. Now imagine quickly sorting those grains/Tasks into highly specific lines, based on any number of factors.

Luckily, that’s our job. But how do we know what you need in any given situation? Well, we don’t, so we’re giving you as much freedom as possible.

Introducing our new, simplified Task List – with more control, visibility and filter options than ever before. It’s all part of our full-blown Workflow feature, coming very soon…


A whole host of new filters to create your ideal Task Lists 

  • Apply multiple filter options at once: Previously you could only filter Tasks by one filter option. Now you can combine filters and apply more than one option under each category. In the search bar, hit Advanced Search and you can select more than one Staff, Service, Client Manager, Client Type, Progress status, Client Partner and Client status. 
  • Calendar search: We’ve also added a calendar so you can filter your Task List to see Tasks with Deadlines or Target Dates within a certain period.

  • Save your filtered Task Lists as bookmarks

When you’ve applied the filters (and/or dates) and generated the list you want, it will have its own web address (URL). This means you can bookmark it and come back to it later. 

Currently, you can do this through your browser, but we’re working on bringing bookmarks into AccountancyManager – like we have in the Client List.

More visibility: Simplified and expandable Task cards

  • A cleaner, more logical layout


The ‘action’ buttons (record time, edit Task, complete Task) were somewhat scattered across the card and updating the progress was separate to the progress status. 

Less frequently used buttons like ‘create invoice’ took up space and the Task card got bigger as more information was added.


If you’re used to the old Task List, it may take a few moments to refocus your brain. Once you do, you can almost feel your brain relaxing.

Before, you had a lot of boxes and colours fighting for your attention. Now, information is more logically placed. The colours are all still there, but you see them when you need to, not all at once.

The ‘favourite’ star is where you’d expect it on the left and the assigned staff member and the value of the service are now visible under the Task Name. 

If there’s an Urgent Note or Missing Details against the client, there’ll be a red dot under the Client Name. Hover over this to read the note. (Or expand the whole card – see below.)

You can edit the progress status directly with a dropdown and progress notes are also visible.


All the action buttons are grouped on the right and you can hover over them to see the options.

  • Expand the Task card to see Urgent Notes, Task Breakdown, Time and more

Click anywhere on the Task card (that’s not a link) to expand the Task card and see any extra information under every column.

You can see Urgent Notes, Missing Details and Notes under ‘Client’ and Progress Notes under ‘Progress’. Any time already logged on this Task will also appear under ‘Progress’.

Under ‘Task’ you can start to see the beginnings of our full-blown Workflow – the Task Breakdown. You may already have your Tasks broken down into steps, if so, these will appear here. 

How our users have improved the Task List since launch

Over on the right-hand side of AM, there’s a feedback tab. Here, you can rate the Task List and add any comments. These go directly to our Product Development team. 

Since we released our new Task List, we received a few suggestions, so we mapped them out and developed them. Now, these functions and improvements are live:

  • The progress note is visible on the collapsed view of the Task card (not just in the expanded view)
  • The date the Task’s progress was last updated is shown next to the progress status
  • The Time Log button is on the Task card (not just in the Edit button dropdown)
  • The Task cards are slimmer, allowing for more cards on your screen
  • The colours of the Target Dates and Deadlines are clearer
  • You can now choose to view up to 100 Tasks one page

It’s all part of a greater plan…

Soon, we’ll release our full-blown Workflow – this drove many of our decisions when redesigning the Task List. 

With the new Workflow, you can break each Task down into Subtasks and milestones (groups of Subtasks). Each Subtask can be assigned to a different staff member and each milestone can have its own deadline.  

Work can flow easily – and consistently – across your practice, you can make constant tweaks to optimise efficiency and you’ll have control over when parts of a Task are completed. 

Let us know what you think

If you already use AccountancyManager, switch on the ‘beta’ toggle on your Task List and give it a try – then pop a note over to us via the feedback tab. 

If you have any questions about using the new Task List, call or email our Support Team who will be happy to help.

Wondering what all the fuss is about?

If you’re not using AccountancyManager yet, give it a try free for 30 days – then tell us what you think. You can try out every feature – old and new – and we’ll guide you through the best bits to explore on your way.

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