Pandle: Convincing Your Clients to Switch to the Cloud

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Are some of your clients still not convinced by the cloud? Are they digging their heels in when you suggest making the switch?

While you may have some technophobic clients you’ll never win over, here are some tips to help you persuade them that cloud accounting is the way to go, and will save them time and money when it comes to the organising their record keeping.

Provide facts and figures

According to BlueHub, businesses using cloud technology grow 26% faster and see 21% higher profits than those that don’t. This backs up the findings of the Small Business Cloud Barometer 2015 report from Exact and Pb7 Research, which reported that businesses using cloud software were achieving 25% additional revenue growth compared to cloud sceptics. Not to mention they were more than doubling their profits!

Explain the danger of getting left behind

According to research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), by March 2017, 88% of businesses had already adopted cloud services and 67% of companies expected to increase their use of the cloud by March 2018.

Point out that it will save them money

Bluehub found that 80% of businesses have saved money by implementing cloud software. Make sure your clients understand that updates and new versions of software don’t usually cost them extra on the cloud and that automatic updates save time and the cost of staff hours. There are no surprises – just a regular monthly payment.

There will also be less need for expensive hardware such as servers, as the responsibility for storing and backing-up financial data will no longer be theirs!

Demonstrate remote access  

In the office, at home, travelling – anywhere becomes a place where clients can peruse or work on their finances. They won’t be limited to that one computer in the office that has the financial software package installed!

Point out the ease of collaboration

A login can be given to anyone in the company who needs access to the financial data, allowing easy collaboration and reducing the need for those pesky phone calls and emails that zip back and forth.

Employees who need access can just log in and find the information at their fingertips. Cloud accounting also makes it much easier to collaborate with accountants and financial advisers.

Flag up the advantage of real-time data and automation
Cloud software doesn’t require constant manual updates as when a change is made or a transaction takes place, data is automatically updated and everyone can access the most recent facts and figures.

Plenty of tasks can be automated, saving business owners and/or their employees’ precious time.

Sell the security benefits

If they’re sensible, your clients will be concerned about security and the risk of cyber-crime, as well as the physical safety of their data storage. With cloud accounting, the security of their financial data becomes someone else’s problem – that someone being their package provider.

By using the cloud, your clients will gain the security of knowing that their data is held across a range of locations and servers, meaning that a computer failure is far less likely to result in the loss of their data.

Memory sticks and back-ups onto removable hard drives, with their inherent risk of loss or physical damage, will be a thing of the past and a virus in the company computers won’t mean a loss of their financial data.

To bring clients over to cloud accounting, you may want to offer an initial limited service. This will make it easier to convince them of the benefits it will sell itself. You just need to show them how tasks such as invoicing, purchasing and payroll can be integrated seamlessly. That’s sure to win them over!

If you’re not accounting in the cloud yet yourself and want to move there with your clients, you’ll need a high-quality, cost-effective cloud accountancy software package.

Why not partner up with Pandle? It offers a simple user interface for you and your clients and you’ll be surprised at how much you get for your very small subscription fee. You can also opt for a Brandle package, which gives you all the great features of a Pandle Pro partner package in a white label format, which can be hosted on your own domain under your own company band.

Easier for you – easier for your clients!