Pandle: Currency Nightmares in PayPal are Finally Over!

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Paypal Feeds Graphic

At Pandle we’re always looking to develop our software, add new features and make it as easy as possible to use.

We know our users are looking for software with useful features that help businesses run smoothly and for users to get paid easily and on time.

That’s why we’ve connected our software to Stripe so that you and your clients can take payments directly from your invoices. We’re also working on doing the same for PayPal.  

Alongside these releases, our latest feature PayPal Feeds makes managing multiple currencies in Pandle a breeze. Here’s how it can help you and your clients.

Currency help

For businesses that operate in more than one country, things can get complicated currency-wise. At the moment, PayPal works by providing users with a balance that may be made up of lots of different currencies.

So your balances may consist of a Euro, Dollar and a Sterling balance.

Currently, our competitors are asking their users to set up a separate bank feed for each currency you want to work with.

However, we wanted to create a simpler, more elegant solution for our users. So, in Pandle a user can connect their PayPal account and Pandle will create a handy sub-account for each currency automatically.

You can easily expand the PayPal feed to view all the sub-accounts and their balances, as shown below.

PayPal feeds

In addition to this, we've made sure Pandle will automatically categorise any transfers between the sub-accounts.

So, for example, if a user wants to transfer $10 from the USD account to the sterling one, Pandle will handle this automatically so you won't even have to think about it, as with any income put through Pandle.

Now your PayPal fees are automatically categorised and ready for checking.

Partner with us

If you’re interested in using Pandle to boost your own accountancy firm you can partner with us through our Brandle white labelling option.

With Brandle you’ll get a version of our software but with all mentions of Pandle replaced by your own logo and company name.

This means you’ll be able to offer your clients your own bookkeeping software but without the cost and time of developing it.

Alternatively, you can partner with us with our standard Pandle partner account where you can use our software to manage your clients’ records and bookkeeping needs.

With Pandle you can switch seamlessly between all your clients’ accounts. It also allows you to work simultaneously with your client which gives you a closer working relationship.