Pandle Feature: Finally Stripe as a Proper Bank Account Feed

Brought to you by Pandle

Last year we worked with payment processor Stripe, to bring a brand new integration to Pandle. This allows users to connect their payment processes with Pandle, meaning a smooth transition between customer and vendor.

As this integration is brand new we have been able to design it from the ground up to cater for the way businesses use Stripe today, i.e. as a proper bank account linked to multiple payment sources with a balance that can be kept in Stripe.

Here we’ll tell you about how it works, why it’s special and how payments in Pandle are quicker and easier than ever.

How does Stripe work in Pandle?

Our Stripe integration is available for all Pandle Pro users. We’ve integrated it to help our users in two ways:

1. Bank feeds

Pandle can connect with Stripe to automatically feed transactions into Pandle. This saves users from having to manually add transactions into Pandle or import CSV files.

Once the Stripe integration is set up, users will simply be able to “Check and Confirm” any transactions that come through.

What makes our Stripe feature unique is that even when you decide to use Stripe outside of our software, the feed will still pick up on all of the transactions so that you can keep a consistent record of everything.

2. Payment processor

With Pandle’s Stripe integration, users now have the option to include a “Pay Now” button on all invoices sent out. This gives customers a quick and easy option to pay instantly via debit or credit card. We hope that this will help to cut down on late payments that small businesses, in particular, have to face.

As soon as someone has paid through the Stripe link on an invoice, Pandle will recognise this and automatically mark the invoice as paid. You will then receive a notification either via email or through our app to tell you that they’ve paid and how much.

Pandle will also match the payments to the invoices making categorising Stripe transactions a two-second job.

Pandle Pay Stripe

Visibility and security

With the handy notifications that come with our Stripe integration, Pandle users will have full visibility of all payments into their business. This includes details on who’s paid, which invoice, at what time and how much.

The Stripe payment gateway provides SSL security meaning that customer card details are always completely secure when paying through your invoices.

How to set up Stripe in Pandle

To include Stripe on Pandle, you will need to add it as a new bank account and select Stripe as the entry method. Once you’ve done that you can select ‘Connect Stripe Account’.

Pandle Pay Stripe Set Up

You will then need to enter your Stripe details (or set up an account) and once you’re logged in you can click ‘Save Bank Account in Pandle’.

In order to get Stripe to feed all transactions through Pandle, you will have to choose your Stripe account on ‘Enter Transactions.’

For more step by step details, we’ve got a handy support page to get Stripe up and running.

If you’re interested in how Pandle can help your firm, you can partner with us by using our software to manage your clients’ accounts. We also offer a white label solution, Brandle, which means you can use our software under your own company branding. You can find out more about Pandle partnering here.