Pandle Feature: General Ledger Report Helps to Review Client Transactions

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A sunny summer might be the time for relaxing, but here at Pandle, we haven’t let that hold us back. Our team has been busy working away on new features to improve our software and user experience.

We’ve just released our General Ledger Reports feature, which is specifically targeted at accountants who use our software for their clients. It aims to help users ensure that transactions are categorised correctly.

How does it work?

The General Ledger Report lists all transactions for a selected date range, grouped by category.

In the report, you’ll find a breakdown of your clients’ categories, featuring start balances, credit and debit amounts and their end balances.

Users can choose between a simplified and detailed format which will give you additional VAT information where necessary.

This feature is particularly useful for our accountant partners who want to check whether their clients have categorised their transactions correctly.

Pandle Ledger Report

How to start using the report

Pandle users will need to access the General Ledger Report through the Reports page where they’ll find it in the Exports section. Users will need a minimum permission level of Overview to run this report.

Once reports are produced it will appear in the Calculated Reports section. This shows the report in its current status which you can download when it’s complete. All previous General Ledger reports generated will be listed here for you to access at a later date if required.

Pandle Ledger Report

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