Pandle: How Local Accountants Can Cast Their Net Wider – Without Compromising Service

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Local accountants are often praised with having an endearing quality. They’re able to help clients understand their accounts with a face-to-face meeting, a cup of tea and time for an explanation.

But isn’t there a way you can continue to do all this and cast your net for potential clients a bit wider?

We certainly think so.

By implementing a targeted technique with the help of new systems and cloud accounting features, you can easily expand your services to those who live further afield, as well as continue to offer a great service to your current clients.

Remote access

One of the worries you may have about expanding from a local accountancy firm into a local/online firm could be that you’ll soon spread yourself thin and won’t be able to allocate the same amount of time to each client.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

While you may need to grow and hire more staff in the long run, there are still ways to cut down on face-to-face time without jeopardising your relationship with clients.

That’s not to say you should cut your clients out entirely and refuse to see them, as it’s only natural that they will want to catch up occasionally (whether over a video call or face-to-face) to discuss their accounts.

It’s simply that by becoming an online accountant you can take advantage of systems such as cloud accounting software. By using this you’ll be able to help educate your clients on their accounts and answer any queries while they’re remotely accessing the software in real time – so they don’t need to come to the office to see what needs to be done.

With this you can continue to offer a hands-on service without succumbing to the time constraints.

Help clients save money

As a local accountant you’re able to offer a one-to-one service that can help your clients save money with tips and tricks of the trade.

One of the draws of having an accountant, after all, is using your knowledge of the industry to their advantage, so their business can operate in a financially-savvy way.

However, with technology at their fingertips, online accountants are able to help save their clients even more money.

By encouraging clients to use cloud accounting, rather than come into the office to find out what needs to be done, you can instead implement money-saving techniques remotely.

As you know, it’s much easier for clients to manage their bookkeeping if they keep up-to-date with it on a regular basis, opposed to flicking through mounds of receipts at the end of the month.

With our Pandle Receipts feature, receipts can be tagged to transactions which means users can see prime documents ready to be checked. With this feature you can say goodbye to shoeboxes and carrier bags full of receipts as everything can be uploaded to the software.

With online accountancy and, in turn, the use of cloud accounting, clients are actively encouraged to manage their bookkeeping on a regular basis. They can then save money by making sure nothing is missed – so every expense is counted for and they’re up-to-date on what they can claim for.

You’re still able to provide your own industry knowledge, but alongside their own ability to keep on top of accounts, they’ll be more likely to look over their accounts with a beady eye.

Catch errors

Another worry that may come from becoming an online-catering accountant is that you’ll let small errors slip through the net.

However, cloud accounting has you covered here, too.

With it you’ll be able to automate processes, which is a huge time saver. Data input is a necessary evil of the job, and the monotony of it can sometimes mean mistakes are made.

With automation looking after these jobs for you, you’ll have more time to check the figures and correct any mistakes you come across.

Some cloud accounting software also offers extensive features focused purely on catching errors before they can be submitted to HMRC.

For example, Pandle does not allow users to input a manual bank entry too far into the future or the past. Therefore it’s impossible for users to enter a date such as 2047 or 2001 without review.

This will help cut down on simple errors you can come across, meaning you can dedicate more time to helping clients manage their tax efficiency.

Partner with Pandle

Are you looking to appeal to a wider area of customers, without compromising your service to your current clients? Pandle can help. With the use of all the features above, we can help you become a local accountant that caters to the online market too, helping your company grow and find a larger client base.

We offer two partnering opportunities for accountants. Our Pandle Partner Account caters to accountants who wish to offer clients a simple-to-use cloud accounting system that allows you to switch effortlessly from client to client.

The second is our Brandle option, which offers all of the above but with a white labelling option – so you can offer clients your very own cloud accounting software. This will be hosted on your domain under your company brand. Find out more about our partnering options here.