Pandle Releases New Transaction Links Feature

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We’ve been hard at work at Pandle, trying to bring in new features to make our software easier than ever and as time-saving as possible.

So, we’re pleased to announce that our new feature Transaction Links is now live.

In Pandle, our users have previously been able to import and search for transactions when they need to refer to them. With our new feature, users will be able to link to them too.

Improved collaboration

This new feature is part of our mission to make Pandle the most collaborative cloud accounting software on the market.

It works along with our Notes and Message Centre tools – which both encourage open discussion between accountant and client, all within the software.

The Transaction Links feature allows you to copy a link to a specific transaction and paste it via Notes or our Message Centre. This allows you to refer to the transactions you’re discussing with your clients – by including a clear link to the transaction in question. Your clients can also do the same and link you to a transaction too.

Pandle Transaction Links

What about Stripe and Paypal transactions?

If you use Stripe or PayPal, the Transaction Links feature also works with those transactions too. Users can go straight to the source of the transaction through an automatic redirection to the payment system website. There, users can access transactions details and include the links in their messages through Pandle. This saves users having to manually go into PayPal or Stripe.

Pandle Transaction Links New Feature

We are currently the only bookkeeping software provider to incorporate this handy time-saving feature.

Interested in this feature?

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