Pandle: Small Steps Traditional Accountants Can Take to Embrace New Tech

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If you’re running a traditional, local accountancy firm, you’ve no doubt been fed up of everyone telling you to move with the times.

They’re not wrong though. Any business risks being left behind if they don’t adopt modern business practices and adapt to changing markets.

Here are some of the ways you can expand to ensure you’re a competitor in the modern market.

Accept change gradually

Suddenly deciding to change your whole business is going to be a difficult project and could leave your firm with some unhappy accountants who are used to doing things their way.

That’s why like with any business, baby steps are better. They help everyone get used to upcoming changes in small bite-sized pieces rather than overwhelming employees.

Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is the first stepping stone to creating a modern practice that meets modern client expectations.

The great thing about cloud accounting is that a lot of processes can be automated, which frees up your time to spend on learning more about new technology in the industry and what your clients expect.

When taking care of someone’s bookkeeping, an accountant can choose to start off with basics like importing bank feeds automatically. They can then move onto categorising transactions automatically and automating invoices and payment reminders.

The beauty of bookkeeping software is that you can choose to do as much or as little as you want so it helps accountants who aren’t used to working with automation to start off small.  

Start branching out online

By only working in the local area, you’re drastically limiting the potential pool of clients you can sign up. There’s a good reason why accountancy firms are moving towards the online world. Operating online means you can work with multiple clients from all areas of the UK or even abroad.

This means that you’ll need to invest in making sure your website is fully functional and that your digital marketing strategy is solid to attract new clients online.

Send accountants on training courses

Everyone’s going to need to get up to speed at your firm if you want to branch out into the world of online accounting. Training courses could be necessary for staff to help them get used to things like cloud-based bookkeeping software. This means that they are better placed to advise and support their clients with the same thing.

Hire tech-savvy accountants

The first step to creating a tech-savvy force of accountants is to hire someone who can pass on all their good habits and knowledge of online accounting to others.

Part of their job could be training other accountants in new approaches that help them learn on the job in small steps. This could be a good start if you don’t have the funding or time to send everyone on courses.

Get started with Pandle

If you would like to try out cloud accounting, Pandle is a simple to use software that you can use to manage your clients’ accounts.

We also offer a white labelling solution called Brandle which means you can use our software but with your own company branding instead of ours. This gives you all the benefits of having your own software which will help give your practice a boost online.