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Pandle Update: Bank Feed Improvements

31st May 2019
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To celebrate the blue-sky weather, we did a spot of blue-sky thinking and now we’re excited to celebrate the arrival of a new feature available for Pandle users.

As accountants we know how important bookkeeping is, but that clients can sometimes find it difficult to identify and resolve discrepancies.

So, to make the task easier and to give Pandle users more time in the sun, we’ve introduced a Bank Feed Balance Check feature. It means that users will receive an alert if the bank balance shown in Pandle doesn’t match the balance from their bank account. The alert will also show the last time that the balances did match, making it quicker and easier to search for and resolve any discrepancies.

Pandle users can view their Bank Feed Balance Check from here on the Banking tab:

Banking Tab

A tick symbol next to the account will indicate that the balances currently match. Hooray!

Whilst checking and confirming transactions for this account, the balance status is also shown at the top of the screen, as seen below. This example shows that the balances match – mission accomplished!

Banking Tab 2

When the balances do not match a warning will appear in the user’s Banking tab.

Balances not matching

It’s nothing to panic about, it’s just there to let users know it needs attention.

Hover the mouse over the warning triangle and an information box will pop up showing the date the balances last matched, so users know when to begin comparing bank statements to their confirmed bank transactions in Pandle.

Error Message

Identify and resolve transaction issues.

Adding an alert for unmatched balances in Pandle will help users to identify and resolve discrepancies much quicker when checking and confirming transactions from their Bank Feed.

As users will now be alerted to the date which the balances last matched this will drastically reduce the amount of time users have to spend resolving these discrepancy issues.

 Have you checked out bank feed balance checks in Pandle yet? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below or email [email protected]