Pandle Update: Bank Transfer Rules

28th Jun 2019
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We all know clients can create all sorts of weird and wonderful mistakes if they mistakenly duplicate accounting records. It’s why we’re on a mission to help Pandle users minimise bookkeeping errors as much as possible.

To help users who transfer funds between two bank accounts within Pandle, we’ve added a new tool to make things go a little more smoothly. The new feature will warn users if the same transaction is about to be categorised in two different accounts.

Minimising duplicate transactions in users’ bookkeeping

Previously, transfers made from one bank account to another could be categorised in Pandle against either bank account.

We discovered this meant some users were at risk of categorising the same transfer in both bank accounts within Pandle, causing duplication.

So, the new feature will trigger a warning notification for users who are trying to check and confirm transactions which transfer money between their bank accounts in Pandle.

To make things even easier, the tool will prompt users to set up a bank transfer rule to handle any transfers like this in the future. It means Pandle will get on with processing bank transfer automatically, and your clients’ figures will make a bit more sense.

Bank transfers

If a user is checking and confirming a transaction in one of their bank accounts within Pandle, and selects another bank account as the category for the transaction, a notification will now pop up, like the one below.

Pandle Bank Transfer

This notification will prompt users to click on ‘Create transfer rule’. Then, any future transfers between the two accounts will be confirmed in this bank account automatically.

If users then try to check and confirm the same transaction as a transfer in the other bank account, they will be shown a similar warning notification. However, this time the message will prompt users to set up a bank transfer rule for this bank account to automatically ignore similar transactions to this in the future.

After these two Bank Transfer Rules have been set up in both accounts any future bank transfers will be handled automatically by Pandle, so users won’t need to do a thing!

Just another error reducing feature from Pandle, this time to avoid duplicating transactions when checking and confirming bank transfers in bookkeeping records.

Have you used this feature yet? We’d love to know what you think! Contact the team today.