Pandle Update: Better visibility of invoice payments

Brought to you by Pandle

We’ve only just stepped into the New Year and already we’ve many exciting updates that are in motion. Our most recent update this week has been implemented to provide users with better visibility of invoice payments.

When invoicing clients, managing paid, non-paid and part-paid invoices can be difficult to keep on top of, when you’ve numerous clients and invoices to manage. Thus, we’ve improved the visibility of invoices, to provide clarity and to remove time spent wading through invoices, trying to decipher which payments relate to which invoices.

Our latest update streamlines the invoicing process and offers greater visibility, providing users with a rundown of all payments associated with a particular invoice.

After users have selected View Invoices, they can simply click on any of the below status icons:

Invoice Payments 1

This will display all payments that pertain to the one invoice:

Invoice Payments 2

When an invoice comes in, accountants can now simply view the status of their clients’ invoices and all associated payments:

Invoice Payments 3

As an accountant, you’re likely tasked with reconciling debtors and creditors on a regular basis. We believe this feature, can help make the process less arduous and time-consuming.

Clients get paid quicker with payment reminders

Supercharge your invoice management within Pandle by setting up automated Payment Reminders. The feature notifies clients’ customers to make payment via automated prompts.

This will prevent your clients from having to manually chase late invoices at the end of each month and encourages punctual payment submissions without them having to lift a finger.

The feature keeps your clients financially above ground whilst generating invaluable time back into your workday. It also alleviates pressure, for when you’ve numerous accounts to maintain which rely on a steady cash-flow each month.

With regular, timely payments being made into clients’ accounts, clients can rest assured and feel confident in your services.

If you aren’t already using cloud-based software to manage your clients’ accounts, then Pandle may be an effective, affordable way to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Not only does Pandle inject efficiency, ease-of-use and accuracy into bookkeeping, but it also accommodates all user types, so that accountant and client can access, edit and understand their accounts together.

Additionally, we have got a Brandle partnering option, which customises Pandle’s software – incorporating your logos, colour scheme and copy - so that as far as your clients are concerned, our software is your own personal software.

If this sounds like something your accountancy firm could benefit from, then simply follow this link and provide us with some small details. We’ll then provide you with the best partnering solution to meet your needs.