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Pandle Update Changelog

7th Jun 2019
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We’ve been busy updating and refining Pandle features, to help reduce user error, and make things as simple as possible whilst easing the burden of administration. Welcome to the latest Pandle Changelog.

Prevent Clients from Accessing Locked Transactions

Wading through some clients’ accounts can be hard work. After all the graft to get things right, seeing that the client has signed in to their account and made changes can be a bit of a nightmare.

Our Pandle Partners can already lock transactions for a set date range but, at the moment, our Partner’s clients can then sign in to Pandle and unlock them again.

To put the brakes on the weird and wonderful mistakes that can follow, we’ve added an extra tick box so accountants to stay in control of who can lock and unlock transactions. And, if a client does try to amend a locked transaction, they’ll see a message directing to their accountant for a chat about why that might be a bad idea.

Learn more about locking client transactions

Reports Now Live in Pandle Mobile

We’ve upgraded Pandle Mobile to enable users to access all their financial information whilst on the move. The following reporting functions have now been rolled out to Pandle Mobile:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow
  • Payables
  • Receivables

Learn more about reporting functions in Pandle Mobile

Stripe Feed Balance Checks

Not all businesses use Stripe to handle online card payments, but for those that do, accurate account reconciliation is vital. Matching what is happening in their Stripe account with what is showing in Pandle helps users to manage their cash flow, and identify any potential problems.

Our users will now receive a notification if their Stripe balance shown in Pandle doesn’t match the balance shown in their Stripe account. Because the alert will also show the last date that the balances did match, it’s even easier for users to search for any discrepancies, and quickly resolve them.

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