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Pandle Update: Invoicing Process Improved

14th Jun 2019
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Creating invoices from the Customers or Suppliers tabs

As accountants, we all know that managing cash flow is a key part of successful business management. An essential part of that process is keeping the customer and supplier invoices up to date.

To make this process even easier in Pandle, we’ve released an update which allows to create invoices which are populated with the correct details, right from the ‘Customers’ and ‘Suppliers’ tabs. Good news all round!

To use the new feature, open the ‘Enter Transactions’ tab to view the ‘Customers’, ‘Banking’, and ‘Suppliers’ tabs.

To create a new customer invoice, go to the ‘Customers’ tab, and click the ‘create new invoice’ button from the list of actions next to the name of the customer. A new tab will open with that customer’s details populated, as well as the defaults for that customer, such as the category.

To create a new supplier invoice it’s a similar process. View the ‘Suppliers’ tab, and hit the ‘create new invoice’ button from the list of actions next to the name of the supplier. The new tab will open up with the supplier’s details and any defaults all entered, and ready to go.

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It means less chance of creating an invoice for the wrong customer or supplier, or of entering the wrong information, which can cause all sorts of weird and wonderful errors. Here at Pandle, we like to try and reduce those.

Dating invoices for accurate bookkeeping

Sometimes eager customers pay before they’ve even had the invoice, or some suppliers want to be paid as soon as the order is put in. It’s great to get the cash side of things sorted, but it can mean that the payment date takes place before the invoice date.

Allocating a payment against the wrong invoice can trigger all sorts of peculiar problems, so we originally blocked payments being allocated against later dated invoices in Pandle.

But, real life doesn’t always happen in the order that it’s supposed to and, because here at Pandle we think bookkeeping should be as easy to manage as possible, we’ve lifted the restriction.

Now, users can allocate payments exactly where they need to go, and instead will get a warning message if the invoice date is later than the payment date. Because good bookkeeping happens in the real world. 

Just some more refreshingly simple tools from Pandle for faster, more accurate, bookkeeping.

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