Pandle Update: Reducing File Import Errors

Brought to you by Pandle

Pandle was founded on the principles of providing straightforward, intuitive bookkeeping software. So, to make importing data even easier for you and your clients, this update means Pandle now detects potential date formatting errors.

Helping to reduce bookkeeping errors

When users import invoice and banking data into Pandle, they have to choose the right date format in order to upload the file.

The trouble is, this means that users are at risk of selecting the wrong format, or of Excel treating some dates differently to others.

It’s a problem which can cause all sorts of weird entries to come across into Pandle, and errors can cost money and time to fix.

Simple, intuitive bookkeeping

With this latest update, Pandle automatically detects invalid date formats in the import file, helping to reduce the number of file import errors. Plus, to make data imports even easier, Pandle will now determine if the incorrect format can be identified safely.

If the date can be identified, the upload will continue in the correct format. If the data cannot be imported, then a notification will let users know there is a date formatting error to be fixed manually.

So there we have it

Pandle is packed with features like this, which help reduce the risk of errors occurring in users’ bookkeeping. It means more time can be claimed back from unpicking the weird and wonderful, and less stress all round. Hurrah! 

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