Pandle Update: Remove Draft Transactions

12th Jul 2019
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Inputting large amounts of data is time consuming, carries a risk of data entry errors, and can be pretty boring.

Luckily Pro users have Pandle to do some of bookkeeping heavy lifting with our Bank Feeds feature, which automatically imports transactions from their accounts. 

Users enter the date they want to import transactions from, as part of setting up their Bank Feed. The trouble is, if the wrong date is accidentally used, the Bank Feed will end up bringing in hundreds, even thousands, of unwanted transactions from a previous period. Ouch.

Our fix to make data imports even better

Sorting through all those unwanted transactions eats into valuable time, so we’ve added yet another time-saving update. It’s a tool which gives users a way of deleting all those accidentally imported drafts transactions in one go.

Removing unwanted Draft Transactions

This can be done from the ‘Check’ tab on the Imported Transactions page. First click the ‘Actions’ button, and then select ‘Remove’.

Pandle update news

A popup will ask users what date they want to remove draft transactions before. From here they will need to select the date, and click the ‘Remove Transactions’ button. Then all transactions before and including that date will be removed.

Pandle update news

Any draft transactions that appeared in the ‘Check’ tab before and including the date entered, will be moved to the ‘Ignored’ tab, so users can still review them, just in case any mistakes were made.

Have you used this update yet? We’d love to have your feedback!