Pandle Update: Write-Off Invoices for Clearer Accounting

21st Jun 2019
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As accountants, you’re probably used to seeing invoices on the ledger which are just never going to be paid. Unfortunately for the client it sometimes comes to the point where these invoices have to be written off.

To make accounting for bad debt more straightforward for your clients, and to reduce the risk of future errors, we’ve now made it possible to write-off invoices in Pandle. VAT Invoices cannot be written off in Pandle within 6 months which should go a little way to helping your client stay compliant.

Writing off invoices in Pandle

To make using the feature as straightforward as possible, it can be accessed from two different places within Pandle. Either through the Customer Invoices tab using the action menu or via the Invoice screen itself.

Write-off an invoice through the Customer Invoices tab

Users’ invoices are currently categorised in the status column as Paid, Unpaid, or Overdue. To write-off an invoice, users will need to click the “Actions” menu next to the relevant invoice. Then, click “Write-Off To Bad Debt” in the dropdown menu.

Pandle Drop Down Menu

This generates a notification pop up, where the user enters the write-off date and then confirms this by clicking “Write-Off Invoice”.

The screen will refresh and load the Customer Invoices tab, now showing the invoice status as “Bad Debt”.

Write off an invoice from the Invoice screen

The process can also be completed from the Customer Invoices tab, by clicking on the invoice screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the invoice, and then click on “Write-Off” in the “Actions” dropdown.

Like before, this triggers a pop-up notification screen for users to enter the date for the invoice to be written off. Confirm this by clicking on “Write-Off Invoice”.

Pandle Bad Debt Menu

Once an invoice has been written off

After an invoice has been written off using either method, the Customer Invoice tab will categorise it as “Bad Debt”.

An audit trail at the bottom of the Invoice screen and the Payments display will both show the invoice as a write-off. We’ve also made it easy to undo the write-off action, by clicking on the “Actions” button in the Payments display. 

How has this update affected your clients? We would love to know your feedback! Contact one of our friendly team, or email [email protected].