Pandle’s Messaging Centre Makes Client Collaboration Easier

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We’ve all been there, hunting through chains of emails, struggling to find the right one. It can quickly become a big waste of time for business owners and their accountants.

For accountants who value simple and effective collaboration, email is largely inefficient for regular communication with clients, especially when it concerns explaining how a specific function on a piece of software works.

The importance of good collaboration

While some clients will be happy to let you get on with doing their accounts, others will prefer to take a more proactive approach.

In the case of the latter, the accountant’s job is much easier because there’s less time wasted chasing up clients for records and such. The more engaged a client is with their accounts, the easier the accountant’s job is.

Too many accounting mistakes are made due to poor communication because of a client’s hesitancy to pick up the phone and ask about them or because of the assumption that the accountant will handle everything finance-related.

Introducing Pandle’s brand new Messaging Centre

We want to save everyone the time and effort that goes into searching through correspondence and managing email chains. That’s why we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Messaging Centre.

Now available on Pandle Pro, the Messaging Centre allows for more efficient collaboration between you and your clients. With the Messaging Centre, all communications can be handled within the app itself.

This helps to keep everything in one place so that clients and accountants don’t have to keep switching from the app to email or Skype every time they need to speak with a client.

This is also good news for those firms who’ve noticed an increase in younger clients who have grown up preferring instant messaging over phone calls. The Messaging Centre allows a more modern approach to bookkeeping and client collaboration.

Pandle’s Messaging Centre Makes Client Collaboration Easier

Future plans

In the future, we plan to add a Transaction Tagging feature to our Messaging Centre. This will allow clients to tag their accountant (or vice versa) in a message regarding a particular transaction.

Soon our users will also be able to upload files, images and screenshots directly into the messaging centre to aid communication.

We are also working on a screen sharing option which will further improve collaboration efficiency.

How to use it in your accountancy firm

To use this new feature in Pandle you will have to click on the mail icon in the header. A new tab will then open where you can select users to start a message.

If you’ve not already signed up to become a Pandle partner, you’ve got two options. Our basic package means you’re free to use our software to manage your clients’ accounts. Our Brandle package means you can use our software but under your own company name and logo.

We’re always updating Pandle with new features to make accounting simpler for you and your clients, you can keep up to date with us via our Features Timeline here.