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10th Mar 2021
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When it comes to accounting, payroll is a no-brainer. As many years as you can date back, payroll is a critical part of an accountant's day today and for two reasons. Financial management and legislation compliance.

So, accountants, today need to ensure they are remaining compliant and can work better, more efficiently, increasing their productivity.

Accounting software is the modern-day problem solver that accountants need to propel their business forward.

Many accountants who have jumped aboard the accounting software train have seen the benefits in performance, flexibility, productivity, and business growth.

When it comes to accounting software every user has their go-to, favourite feature that helps them go from manual data entry and time-consuming tasks to smashing their day-to-day tasks in real-team.

This month we’re excited to share with you our top four features voted by Capium users. Last week we dived into IXBRL, third week in we’ll be taking a closer look at Capium's payroll module, and why Capium customers love it.

Capium’s payroll module automates the payroll calculation and submission process in just a few clicks, generating payslips and provides a host of great reporting tools. Combining great features with ease of use, payroll in Capium is a breeze. 

One of our clients says ‘’ the cloud payroll software within Capium is excellent and we now use it for all our client's payroll needs. The ease of use and many features that Capium has packed drew us to the software. They provide great levels of support when switching from other providers, this Capium Payroll was an easy choice. We haven’t looked back’’

At Capium our payroll module is automated, with an easy-to-use auto-enrolment option with direct integration with nest and smart pension, the whole process is incredibly easy to set up.

You can run it for as many clients as you want. Plus you can automatically send payslips to employees and p32’s to employers. 

Capium’s payroll is a winner for our clients because our software enables accountants to manage their payroll processing and submission as efficiently as possible. Manage bulk payslips, easily amend payroll, process straightforward end-of-year submissions, and receive detailed payroll reports. 

You can receive these fantastic benefits at an incredibly competitive price, so you can transform your practice without breaking the bank. Our full suite package starts from £1.15 +VAT per client per month. Alternatively, our medium package is £0.85 +VAT per client per month. We also offer a larger package for £0.69 +VAT per client per month. 

If you're eager to learn more about the benefits of IXBRL tagging or to hear more about how we can support your compliance needs, why not contact our product specialist today, and begin taking advantage of our innovative software.

You’ve heard from our clients and you’ve heard from us, so why not take the plunge today. 

Put it to the test. Book a demo today to find what all the buzz is about. You can also find out about our services or talk to our product specialist to find out more about how Capium can support you now.

If you're interested to find out more about our services book a phone consultation today. Our support team is on hand to help you if you have any further questions. 

To hear the full podcast you can listen here.

Join us next week for the final instalment of our feature of the week.

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