Payslips In One Secure Place - How To Make Lost Payslips A Thing Of The Past For Your Clients

18th Sep 2020
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Every bureau knows that, in business, keeping up with evolving trends and best practices is essential. And payroll is no exception to this rule. Payroll administration has changed dramatically over the years as legislative and technological advances have been made which affect how payroll is processed and managed. Payroll bureaus in particular attend regular conferences to ensure that they’re aware of the newest payroll products on the market, and to network with others in the industry and exchange knowledge and expertise. 

One of the most common topics covered at such conferences or networking events is payslip distribution and storage. We all remember the days when payslips were printed off, slipped into brown envelopes and left on the staff room table for employees to collect, don’t we? Well, those days are over now. Or, at least, they should be for your clients.  

Today, businesses need to be much more careful about how they distribute their payslips, and how they store them. This is partially due to the GDPR which sets out various ways that businesses are now expected to store and use data as securely as possible. It’s also due to the fact that more and more people are working remotely, and simply popping into the staff room to collect the envelope with their name on it often isn’t an option anymore.  

So, with this in mind, it's time for your bureau to start explaining the benefits of moving towards cloud access to payslips to your clients, and showing them just how much easier it would be with BrightPay Connect.  

The Benefits Of Storing Payslips In The Cloud 

There are many benefits to moving paper-based payslip distribution to the cloud for both your clients and their employees. Here are just a few that you can talk to your clients about in order to convince them that it’s a good idea for their business.  

Benefits For Clients 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit for clients is the added security that the cloud offers. BrightPay Connect automatically backs up to the cloud every fifteen minutes, which means that any payroll information entered is automatically stored online. Payslips are automatically available online through the self-service portal once finalised. 

It also means that, unlike paper payslips, your clients won't have to worry about their employees losing their payslips and requesting new ones.  

Another benefit that the client may not expect is the cost savings. If your clients are posting payslips to 100 employees at a cost of £1 per stamp on a monthly basis, for example, they could have a cost reduction of £1,200 per year. Or if you have a weekly pay frequency, you could easily quadruple that figure. That’s before you even consider costs of paper, envelopes, ink and even the cost of the manual labor required to pack, seal, address and stamp every payslip. This is a major attraction for clients who are trying to lower costs and streamline processes.  

Benefits For Employees 

The biggest benefit for employees is that their payslips are sent directly to their email where they can be safely stored for future reference. If the employee is using the BrightPay Connect employee app, it’s even more seamless with the payslip coming in directly to their smartphone or tablet with a notification to let them know a new payslip has arrived. This is particularly beneficial to employees who may be applying for mortgages or other personal finance loans which depend on the presentation of historical payslips. Instead of having to ask their employer for backdated payslips to give to their bank, they can simply download them from their email inboxes themselves or access the payslip library on their employee app.  

Book A Demo Today 

If you're a payroll bureau who’s keen to sell your clients on the benefits of moving away from paper-based payslips and towards cloud distribution, then why not book a free BrightPay demo today? One of our BrightPay experts will be able to talk you through the benefits of our award-winning software for bureaus, and the knock-on added value for your clients.