Pearl Accountants: Growing your business with outsourcing

20th Feb 2020
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Pearl Accountants

Outsourcing important business functions such as marketing, HR and IT to attract cost savings, leverage expertise and gain greater competitive advantage is commonplace among accountants. However, until recently, there has been a reluctance within the market to outsource aspects of customer service.

Up and down the country, time-poor firms are more stretched than ever before and putting themselves at risk of damaging reputation as a result of substandard customer service. By investing in external support, they can free up time to focus on more lucrative tasks, safe in the knowledge that any client queries or potential leads are being handled with care.

Meet Moneypenny client, Shoaib Aslam of award-winning accountancy practice, Pearl Accountants. We discuss why the top-performing accountancies are turning to outsourcing to grow their business, and discover the benefits it can bring to you and your customers.

Why is outsourcing telephone answering important to your business? 

We've got a lot of clients who call in and if we don't pick up the phone call, statistically speaking, 80% of the callers don't bother calling back - this means lost business.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing accountants today?

One of the biggest issues facing accountants at the moment is client retention. A big cause for this is missing opportunities, which is often due to missing phone calls. Too often a caller is left in the hands of a voicemail, and this impersonal service can leave callers turning to your competition.

What are the benefits of using a telephone answering service as an accountant?

With Moneypenny, the call is always answered and your dedicated receptionist will instantly notify the relevant account manager with all the key details. This has enabled us to react a lot more quickly and has completely optimised our customer journey.

No call goes missed anymore. This has had a hugely positive impact on client retention and we’ve already noticed our number of new clients increasing as a result.

How easy was transitioning to Moneypenny?  

Previously we had used another telephone answering service and the experience was really bad. Therefore, we were a bit sceptical when joining Moneypenny. However, the amazing element of the onboarding experience was that we had our dedicated PA call us to get to know our business structure, number of employees, take their details and really understand what we do so they can offer valuable insight to enquirers. 

What are your predictions for the future of outsourcing in accountancy?

We’re already seeing a lot of accountants explore the outsourcing market. What I foresee in the near future is more accountants relying on outsourcing for their customer service functions – using the right people to represent them.

As a business, you can only focus on your core service areas. The top-performing accountants are the ones who value their customer service and technology, and are outsourcing telephone answering to support a quality client experience.

What would be your one tip for someone looking to grow their accountancy business?

We speak to start ups and established businesses everyday and one of the things they ask us is how we can help them grow. Other than the accountancy and tax and financial advice, businesses lack infrastructure sometimes. Having a tool such as Moneypenny can really help improve productivity and take off burden from clients. It's a huge benefit. We've recommended a number of clients already to Moneypenny - they'll grow and we'll grow with them!

Want to learn more? 

Check out this video case study from Pearl Accountants.

Moneypenny is also offering a free one-week trial to help accountants understand how they can benefit from its amazing people and technology. Call 0333 202 1005 to find out more.